It's that time of year again! The time of year when you want to clear out clutter and get organized for the new year ahead.

I had already labeled my spice jars a couple years ago, but as you can see, a lot of mismatched, grocery store spice jars made their way into my spice drawer and chaos was taking over.

Did you know that spices have expiry dates? And a bunch of my spices were well past their dates so I started this project by dumping all the spice jars out and washing them.

I bought all the spices that I wanted to include in my updated spice collection from the grocery store. I previously had about 16 spice jars but I needed another 6 to fit all of the spices that I purchased. I started keeping my eye out for jars that matched mine exactly, but I wasn't having any luck. I didn't want to buy a whole new spice jar set, so I just bought a few of these ORTFYLLD ones that were quite similar to my jars and they came in two-packs.

I started making all the spice jar labels with this handy dandy label maker that hooks up to my phone wirelessly. The print app lets you choose the size and and type of font so I picked this pretty, cursive one. And voila, your labels are printed!

Next, I started putting all the spices into the spice jars. I put the spice label on the front of the jar. And while I had the original spice package out, I took note of the expiry date and wrote it on these small Avery labels so I could put the expiry date on the bottom on the spice jars.

I kept all of the original spice packages that had leftover spice in them and put them all into a freezer bag so I could keep them in case one of the jars needs refilling. I will use the extra packages to refill the jars until they are empty or expired.

I placed these drawer inserts into the drawer and they hold the spice jars in place so they don't roll around, which is key to keeping things organized. Lastly, I organized all of the spice jars into the inserts in alphabetical order so they're easy to find, even when there are lots of jars in there!

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