Our front door spent the weekend at the spa and has a fresh, new look! It's never looked better!

We love the bones of this cedar door that is original to our house, but it was looking pretty tired! And the lock on the front actually stopped working so we needed to come up with another plan. We did price out buying a brand new door just to see what we were looking at and it was going to be at least $1500 and just wouldn't have nearly as much character.

Here's how the door looked from the exterior side when we moved in (we added all the lovely paint samples though! haha.)

And here's how the front door looked before we recently refinished it:

It was a pretty straightforward project to refinish our cedar front door, but took a lot of time because there was a lot of dry time between all of the coats ... and we had two sides of the door to cover. So it did seem like the project was a bit tedious with all of the coats and steps, but I can promise you, it was well worth it!

We started by taking the entire door off it's hinges and taking off all of the door hardware. Our little helper was getting involved!

Next, we sanded all sides of the door down using 120 grit sandpaper and then 220 grit sandpaper to finish. I needed to use finish stripper to take the finish off of the grooves on the front side because the sander obviously couldn't hit those spots at all.

Next, we water popped the exterior side of the door before oiling it. We applied two coats of an exterior oil-based product that really brought colour out in the wood!

We planned to put a different stain on the interior side of the door. We had to apply 4 coats of the Pickled Oak stain to cover the red tones in the cedar wood. We then applied 2 coats of Polycrylic to that side of the door.

This was the interior side after 1 coat of the white Pickled Oak stain:

Once the door was dry on both sides, we added new weather strips onto the door. We also added new oil-rubbed bronze hinges.

We were very excited to add a new lock that is electronic so you can use a code to open it or a key, which is very convenient! We love heading out for walks without having to worry about keys. And it's a nice key-less option to be able to let family into the house when we are away to look after the place.

And lastly, we added this cute wreath, mat, and a plant.

The whole project took an entire weekend. We had to come up with an alternate front door that included some plywood and 2"x4"s for the weekend, so we were even happier to have our own front door back.

The door turned out beautiful - we're really happy with it! The finish doesn't get a lot of wear and tear because it's under a covered deck so I am sure this little refresh will last for a long time to come. The lock we picked out has been working great. So overall, we are just so happy we stuck with this beauty!

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