It's that oh-so-exciting day over here ... the one with the big reveal! We have been developing our unfinished mudroom as part of the One Room Challenge and we've wrapped up this project and we're ready to show you all how it turned out!

In case you've missed some of the action up to this point, here's the blog posts from the first few weeks:

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Here's the space we were working with when we got started:

We added a mirror and a piece of wall art from Homesense. And we purchased this very cute, distressed key hook on a big sale.

We added a closet storage system to help this busy mama stay organized. We used the built-in's from the hardware store. The top shelf isn't as deep as the bottom ones so that it makes it easier to add storage baskets to the top shelf. This shelf comes with a coat hook below it. Next, we added three, deep shelves to the bottom to make the most out of the space for shoe storage. Since the kids only have small-sized shoes at this stage of their lives, it seems like we have TONS of shoe storage.

We also added three cubbies on the side of the closet and we labeled those with the kids' names so that they could each put their own things away easily. I am hoping smaller coats, sweaters, mitts, toques, etc can be stored in these cubbies. I also dedicated a bigger basket on the top of the shoe shelves to be used for bike helmets, which is so handy!

I feel like we got a ton of storage out of this closet - I am one happy mama! And then on top of this, we also have another closet at our front entryway that can be used more for Cam and I to store things in. And of course, there's always the option of putting seasonal things that aren't being used into storage and bringing them out again when the seasons change. We also have the hooks in the entryway bench area. And if we really need the extra space down the road, we could alway put baskets under the bench as well. I already found some baskets that I love that I would definitely put under the bench in our mudroom if we need them!

We had some leftover wallpaper from Quinn's room so we added it above the hook & bench area and it adds a nice pop of colour in the space. It's dreamy wallpaper for sure.

And take a look at this vintage artwork that we got for above the shelf! It's beautiful and classic! And guess where we got it from?! In Love with a House just launched our very own collection of vintage prints! How neat is that?! So both of these pieces are part of our collection and can be viewed on our Etsy page. All of the prints are designed to be purchased and then printed out at your local photo centre and then you can pick your own frame. This all results in a piece of charming, vintage artwork that feels customized since you can pick the art, the size, and the frame. Since it's our GRAND OPENING, we are CELEBRATING with a 70% off sale on our entire shop!

Anyways, it's an exciting day over here! Hope you love the mudroom ... and our print shop!

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