This is one pretty bed! We did a mini master bedroom refresh, mostly because our over-a-decade-old queen bed was literally making our backs hurt so we thought if we are going to switch mattresses, we were going to opt for a king-size this time.

There's a lot of details to cover when you switch to a king-size bed! We started by shopping for a foam mattress and although we could have ordered one online, we bought ours from a company that had a store-front, so it would be easier if we did need to do an exchange.

We shopped for the bed frame next. We didn't want one that was too tall, as we wanted to make sure you could still see the moulding that is behind the headboard in our room. I love the linen, wingback look of the one that we found! We got it on sale, and it was quite reasonably priced.

Next, we picked up white king sheets, king pillows for the duvet cover, a mattress protector, and a bed scarf from HomeSense.

We have never had a duvet and a quilt on our bed at the same time, but I found this quilt in a clearance section and fell in love with it. I love the subtle floral pattern and distressed ruffles on it! And of course, it was seafoam coloured! It was pretty much custom made for me ;)

I checked HomeSense first for a duvet cover, but didn't have any luck. So then I hunted around for quite and while, finding most duvet covers weren't quite what I had in mind, or they were too pricey. I saw a photo of a linen duvet cover that Pottery Barn sells when I was shopping for a Queen-size duvet cover a few years ago. And that's still the style that I had in mind. So when I saw this duvet cover go on sale, I went for it and ordered it, even though it was backordered by two months. And then it was delayed again when COVID hit, so it actually just came in this week, almost four months after ordering it. The wait was worth it. It's beautiful! The ruffles are quite feminine, maybe too much for some guys, so I am happy that my husband loves me as much as he does! haha.

Other than our bed and bedding, we only did a couple of other things to our bedroom. The top of our nightstands weren't tying in with the neutral look of our bed so I decided to refinish them. I sanded them, stained them with a linen-looking stain, white-washed them, and sealed them. They turned out nice!

On top of our moulding, we added a piece of art from HomeSense. We have this same piece of art in our entryway, but when I came across a smaller version of it, I knew it would look beautiful in our bedroom too.

One of our glass lamps broke so we decided to buy a new set of lamps for our room. I had a particular balustrade-type lamp in mind when I started shopping. I hoped it would have a faux-wood look to it. However, most of the lamps that I came across that I really liked were too tall, too expensive, or sold out. I did find a grey, beautifully curvy one that ties in with our room and our ensuite perfectly. You can pick your lamp shade separately to match your space better as well so we went with the ivory one.

I love how this space turned out! It's got a french farmhouse vibe to it with the florals, the linens, the curves, and ruffles, and it's exactly what I had been dreaming of.

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