We did a mini living room refresh and wanted to share the details!

Here's a photo from the day we got possession of this house:

Here's the before photos from the last couple of years:

We found this beautiful coffee table in the clearance section at Urban Barn. We got it for $200 because there was damage on the top of it. As it turned out, Cam just had to put wood glue under the piece of wood that had popped up, and then put a clamp on the coffee table until the glue dried. And that's all it took to fix the coffee table so it looked brand new. The height of this table was quite high for our living room so we also cut a section out of the bottom of the table so it was about 4" shorter.

This coffee table is too long for our living room, but we purchased it with the plan that it will go into the living room area that we're planning on putting in our basement. But we are enjoying it on the main floor for now!

And you would never know, but we purchased a new couch for our living room as well. And I say that you would never know because it basically looks the exact same as our old couch, but we wanted to move our old one to the living room downstairs. We found this in the clearance section at Urban Barn as well - we clearly had way too much luck there ;) It's only about 3 inches longer than the other couch and is also grey, but it has a beautiful linen fabric that fits the style of our home.

We added a gallery wall! We've got a blog post that will get you up to date on the gallery wall details!

We decided to get a new area rug and it's one of the best decisions we made for this space because now it seems much larger with an appropriate sized rug that ties all of the details together. We needed a larger area rug for our living room so that it would be the whole width of our built-in cabinets. This way, the space doesn't feel cut off at all. We purchased a 9' x 12' area rug so that it would span across the whole width of our cabinets, fit the whole couch on the rug, and would also show some of the hardwood around the rug. The rug itself is really good quality as it has a low carpet pile and has a variety of colours on it, which will help to hide any staining so overall, it's very durable!

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