Gallery walls are so unique! There's really so many different styles to consider. When we've had multiple frames to use in one spot in the past, we typically layer them, leaning on a ledge. I love taking photos, so having a gallery wall where we can display a bunch of photos at once is perfect. I have wanted to try a gallery wall in our house for a while, but I just wanted to find a configuration that would fit our style. I tend to lean towards gallery walls where there is a small variety of frames, but not too much going on that is causing it to look busy. And for that reason, I decided to limit the decor that we included in our gallery wall to one piece.

The spot on wall where we decided to hang our gallery wall is narrow, but the wall itself is large with a lot of windows. So there needed to be some larger frames within this gallery to achieve the right scale and to make sure the frames could be noticed enough next to all the windows.

I found all of these frames from HomeSense. I love that they all have some character and some distressing on them - they are exactly what I had in mind.

Here's all the photo print sizes so that gives you an idea of what frame sizes we ended up using to achieve this particular look:

I started by setting up the frames on our island so they were laid out exactly the way they would be on the wall so I could take the measurements to determine how much space this gallery would take up on the wall and how high from the floor that we should start it.

Cam used a level, a pencil, drywall screws, and a drill to hang the gallery wall. He started by hanging the bottom row first.

And here's what it looked like once Cam hung all the frames. At that point, I still had to take off all the stickers, clean the glass, and put the printed photos in each frame.

I love how this gallery wall turned out! I am happy that I mixed up the frame colours and sizes. It's cozy to have all of these family photos displayed as part of our living room so I think we found the perfect spot for a gallery wall.

When we first started this project, there was a different spot in our house that we had planned to hang this gallery wall so here's the initial set-up I was planning that included a mirror.

Good luck with your gallery walls! :)

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