Do you have a kiddo in your life that loves Paw Patrol and you need a little birthday party inspiration? How about a Paw Patrol Pawty?!! We had so much fun with our son, Bennett's party and thought we would share the details to help a Mom and Dad out!

We wanted to keep the chaos under control so we only invited six kids, any younger siblings they happened to have that wanted to tag along, and parents were invited as well (but weren't expected to come).

So of course, we needed an invite! I just found an editable one from online and I put that image into Powerpoint so that I could add all of the pawty details. The editable image made it very easy! Having the invite as a digital image made it simple to send the invite through text or email, which was handy!

Here's how the invite looked when I started:

And here's how cute it turned out:

About one week out from the party, we switched out all of the paintings above our hutch to feature these cute handmade paintings that Bennett and I painted. They were just out of a Paw Patrol colouring book and we painted them up. I also started setting up our serving dishes on the hutch to get an idea of how everything would look set up. Here's how the hutch looked with the empty dishes:

I was also able to set up a painting and colouring centre ahead of time. I know a lot of parents thought we were so brave letting the kids have free reign over paint and markers, but they were the 'Ultra-Clean Crayola' brand, which is so easy to clean off of anything it inevitably ends up on. And our table and chairs are really washable. We used a wood tray from IKEA and then we just put an empty Paw Patrol colouring book, Paw Patrol stickers, a couple mason jars for water, a mason jar with painting brushes, and a mason jar with markers. There were also some Everest colouring pages online.

And I know you are excited about this one - the 'Parent Patrol' centre, where we kept all the essentials to keep parents going.

I also put together some party favour bags for the kiddos to take home. The party bags came from the dollar store. We had a Paw Patrol colouring book, some Paw Patrol stickers, some candy, and we came across a package of Paw Patrol cars that we could split up so one went into each bag.

I loved the backdrop that we made for photos. It's actually a Paw Patrol tablecloth that you could get from the dollar store or from the party section at Superstore. And then I made a banner using a DIY link online. The backdrop had a red carpet feel - so glamorous! haha.

On the day of the party, we set out a bunch of snacks like fruit, muffins, cookies, popcorn, and juice. Here's the hutch loaded with some goodies!

When the kids got to our place, we let them play with toys for quite a while. We also had Paw Patrol costumes ready for them. And then eventually, we had homemade pizzas and salad for lunch. The lunch we chose may be one of the only things we would change! I had all of the pizzas already made and ready to go in the oven, but it was still fussy cooking them and transferring them from the pizza stone to a cutting board and onto a serving dish. I think we are just going to serve hot dogs or sandwiches or something simpler next time.

And you can't forget the sweet stuff! We ordered a Paw Patrol themed ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for dessert.

One of our family traditions is to put up a bunch of photos in this curved wall for the kids' birthdays. We actually find ourselves stopping in this hallway quite a bit, even after the party ends to reminisce! We still can't believe Bennett is 5! In order to make this tradition easier on ourselves from year to year, we keep the little box of birthday photos and just add to it from year to year.

Bennett really did have the best time! And we had so much fun watching the kids play and chatting with all the parents!

Good luck with your birthday party planning!

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