We wanted to officially introduce sweet baby Quinn on our blog! And it's long overdue because we just finished celebrating her first birthday!

At 4:48 AM on December 28, 2018, Cam and I welcomed 8lb – 10 oz baby Quinn Ellie Heintz to the world! And at that weight, she was our tiniest baby. haha. And crazily enough, she was the second baby of ours that was born on their due date.

Our Midwife placed that sweet girl on my chest and forever changed our world. Quinn snuggled in with me and she was so quiet and peaceful and didn’t make a sound. Mine and Cam's hearts burst as we watched her taking this whole new world in. We noticed how perfect she looked – just a little doll. Her skin looked perfect, and she looked dainty and sweet. Her fingers and toes were all there and a bit long – just like her mama’s. And Quinn's eyes were beautiful and bright and blue. She's just gorgeous!

As we sat and watched Quinn, I felt this huge wave of relief come over me. I was relieved to be across what seemed like this huge finish line – I had grown and birthed three beautiful and healthy babies into the world. I just felt overwhelmingly peaceful and thankful. And I felt this serene calm come over me knowing that our family was complete and mine and Cam's dreams for our family had come to life. I just felt such a deep and profound appreciation for the amazing gifts we've been given. My heart couldn't have been happier - I am just sooo in love with the four humans that I call my family - they all make my world spin around.

The name ‘Quinn’ has been on the top of mine and Cam’s list of girl baby names for a LONG LONG time! We actually had it on our boy and our girl’s name lists – we were definitely considering this name as an option when I was pregnant with Sullivan, but in the end, we decided that we prefer it as a girl's name so we did end up saving it ... just in case we ever did have a girl (we had our fingers crossed)! Also, when I was a little girl, I had a favourite doll that I always played with and I actually still remember naming her ‘Quincy’, so it’s pretty neat that as an adult, I still love a slightly neater version of that same name: Quinn! The name ‘Quinn’ is also a last name, turned first name, and has double letters, just like our boys' names: Bennett and Sullivan. So this name really seemed to check everything off the list for us.

Since the name ‘Quinn’ can be unisex, I wanted a middle name that stood out as a feminine name, but not too girlie sounding, as that wouldn’t really fit our style. I am obsessed with girls' names that start with the letter 'E'. And in particular, we loved the name ‘Ellie’ because it had a vintage vibe, which was very much in keeping with our style. I also loved that ‘Ellie’ also had double letters, like the other names we had picked for our kids. Cam and I also had a special attachment to the name ‘Ellie’ because one of the first movies that we had watched when we started dating was the movie ‘UP!’, which was an animated show about a husband and wife named: Carl and Ellie. This couple met when they were kids, became best friends, grew up together, got married, renovated a house, and dreamed about life and traveling together. This couple reminds us of ourselves! We even dressed Bennett up as ‘Carl’ for his very first Halloween costume (see the cute picture below). So ‘Ellie’ it was!

Quinn Ellie.

We welcomed Quinn to the world at 4:48 AM and we were home that morning by 7:30 AM. Cam and I drove into our garage and said, ‘WOW, we were only gone from our house for a total of 5 hours. It’s crazy how your world can completely change in that short amount of time!"

(Here's the photo of Bennett dressed up as Carl!)

Our boys stayed with their Nana and Papa for a couple days so we could settle in with Quinn and soak in all the precious newborn moments. Of course, this mama was still recovering so it was a steady stream of epsom salt baths and baby snuggles. And then the boys came home, and just like that, we were on our own with three kiddos aged four and under. A little scary at first! Haha. Thankfully, Cam is a Superdad. I am so proud to be this guy’s wife and baby mama – he’s just the most compassionate, supportive, loving, and dedicated Husband and Daddy and we all love him so much.

We’re definitely settling into a routine as a family of five! It’s not all sunshine and rainbows everyday - there's a lot of ups and downs juggling life while parenting three little kids. It's pure chaos around here some days, but there's always a few sweet moments mixed in there that we share as a family, and those moments outweigh everything else. This is definitely the most challenging journey we've been on to date, but parenting is also incredibly rewarding. And these kids are just so pure - they light up our lives, make our hearts happy, and provide us with so much joy and laughter.

Welcome to our little family, Quinn - we couldn't be prouder to call you our daughter.

Fun Facts About Quinn:

- Quinn was lactose intolerant when she was born! How did we find that out, you ask? Well she was SUPER fussy (even for a newborn!) for the first three weeks after she was born. Cam and I were crazy exhausted from what felt like no sleep for anyone since Quinn was born so I started cutting things out of my diet and sure enough, as long as I stuck with lactose-free dairy, she was the happiest camper!

- Quinn goes by a lot of nicknames around here: Quinny, Q, Cutie Quinn, Be-Be-Q

- Quinn wouldn't take a soother AT ALL until about 5 months and all of a sudden, she fell in love wth soothers.

- Quinn had a tooth pop out at about 2 months and then it went back down under the gums again and she didn't have any tooth action again until she was 7 months old, when she popped two teeth. So we were able to soak in her cute, gummy grin! And then six teeth popped through all at once in December - she's been a busy girl!

- Quinn took her first steps at 10 months, but really didn't stick with it until recently. She started crawling at 6 months though so she's still been on the move for a while!

Here's a photo reel in honour of this sweet girl's 1st birthday!:

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