Back when I was pregnant, I noticed our barstools were getting more and more and more uncomfortable! However, I wasn't sure if it was just because that was becoming the new normal in my 'condition' or if the barstools were actually getting worn out. Turns out that they didn't get any better after Quinn was born! They were seven years old though so I think we did well with those stools!

Here's a look at the old stools:

We set out to find some new stools! Our checklist was fairly short - we wanted them to be a neutral colour and have backs on them. We came across these chairs and loved the tufting on them! We ordered them without being able to see them in person or sit on them so we'll give you a quick overview. :)

The kids were excited about a couple of new boxes!

These stools did have to be assembled:

These stools also came in bar-height only so we had to trim the bottoms off to be the height that works best for our island height. After we trimmed the bottoms, we lightly sanded the edges on the bottom with a 220-grit sandpaper, and then we put felt pads on the bottom to save our hardwood. And finally, we applied scotch-gard on them and let them air out on our back deck for the day.

And here's the final look:

I lOVE the fabric on these chairs! It's a really nice beige colour and has a beautiful linen-look. The fabric wipes off very easily, especially since we have scotchgard on them. I also love the wingback style of these chairs. The tufting is definitely pretty and incredibly sturdy - we haven't had any come loose at all.

This chair is available in other colours, but we ordered it in the 'beige' colour. I was a bit surprised about the leg colour when these chairs arrived though. The photos on the website where we bought them were not very accurate and made them look like more of a grey-coloured wood. The legs are a maple colour, maybe even red maple as they have hints of red in some legs.

I would also likely only rate this chair as an 8/10 on the comfy scale. It's very sturdy and the back is comfy. But the cushion is a bit thin so you can feel the frame under your legs.

Anyways, hope this is helpful for you if you happen to be considering the same stools. Overall, they're cute chairs!

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