The BIG week is finally here! It's REVEAL week!

Our little gal's nursery is done! And this mama feels so good about it - I feel like this was a big job off of our to-do list and now whenever she arrives, we will have the sweetest and calmest place to bring her to admits the chaos in the rest of our house!

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We pushed this space a long way this week to get it across the finish line! We painted our old crib the same creamy colour that we put on the antique dresser that we refinished. We also finalized our paint colour and painted the room! We put up all the accessories, hung the light, hemmed the curtain and got it up, and printed artwork and hung it. But the most exciting thing that we did this week was hang the wallpaper! My sister came through big for me and picked up my dream nursery wallpaper while she was in the US ... and I am incredibly thankful she supports all my crazy because the wallpaper is everything I was dreaming of!

The wallpaper does a lovely job of tying all the colours together in this room - it has all the whites, creams, grays, grieges, seafoams, mints, and teals. It was actually quite easy to find a light seafoam colour to match this wallpaper because there were so many different colours in it. We ended up choosing Benjamin Moore's 'Green Tint' (2139-60) and I couldn't be happier with it. It looks very similar to the seafoam colour that we've used throughout the house, but it's definitely a couple shades lighter and more of a grey-bluey-green.

We have bought galvanized steel letters to spell our little girl's name that tie in perfectly with the galvanized steel in the light and in the artwork by the door, so those letters will be the only thing placed on the wainscotting which will leave the letters and the wallpaper as a pretty feature that pops out in this space. The name will have to remain top-secret until we meet this little gal!

This wingback chair has the perfect curvy lines for a little girl's room. And we know it's comfy because we used it to sing, read, and nurse our first two boys to sleep for countless hours. To make things even cozier, we added a fuzzy throw and a beautiful textured pillow. The curvy side table is also handy to place things like mama's water bottle or phone and if you can believe it, it's only $20. The minty lamp, the white wood-carved mirror, and the unicorn are all from Home Sense.

We refinished the dresser and it adds the perfect whimsical touch to this space! The distressing on it is beautiful. The change pad cover and matching crib sheet have grey polka dots that add to the vintage vibe that is going on in here. And how cute are these bunny bum prints for a change table space?! The frames are from Home Sense and are the perfect colour to tie in with the distressing on the dresser. And the blackout ivory curtain is an incredibly function, but light and bright choice for this space.

I have a bit of a tradition going on where I have bought each of our kids a special stuffed animal just for them and this bashful bunny is one I have seen and have wanted since we started having kids, but I didn't ever come across it in person until now so I guess our little girl was meant to have it!

The semi-flush mount light that we chose is white faux wood and galvanized steel and has the perfect distressed look for this space.

There are so many little details in this nursery that make it special to our family. I really love how the space turned out! It's definitely got the calming and peaceful vibe we were aiming for and I know it will be the perfect retreat for nursing and baby cuddling. It makes my heart happy to think about all the sweet moments that will take place in this little room.

We had a wonderful time participating as guest participants in the One Room Challenge this fall and look forward to seeing all of the other wonderful designs come together.


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