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We're one-room-challenging it up over here! We've accepted the challenge to freshen up our nursery in six weeks, taking on various projects along the way and this week is ... WAINSCOTTING!

Now we're no strangers to wainscotting over here! We actually put up shiplap wainscotting in our laundry room in case you'd like to take a look. We also put up wainscotting in our Master Bedroom and it turned out beautiful! And there's a detailed how-to on our blog too if you're considering wainscotting for your own home.

Here are some pictures of the wainscotting in our laundry room:

And some photos of the wainscotting in our bedroom:

So we went ahead and put wainscotting in the nursery this week! The style of wainscotting is the same as in our bedroom, except instead of painting above the wainscotting, we are planning to wallpaper that part of the wall.

Here are some progress shots:

And here's the finished product! We don't have the wallpaper up above the wainscotting yet, but the wainscotting turned out beautifully! We love that the room already seems brighter and wider with this new addition! There's also some paint touch-ups that still need to be done on the adjacent walls, but we haven't decided for sure if we're going to use the same paint colour that is in there (because it matches really well with the area rug) or if we're going to try out a new colour.

In case you'd like to catch up on the previous weeks of this One Room Challenge, here are the other posts:

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See you next week!

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