The One Room Challenge is in full swing over here! We’re expecting a baby girl in a couple months so we entered our nursery. In case you’d like to get all caught up, here are the first two posts:

One Room Challenge Week 1 | The Big Surprises

One Room Challenge Week 2 | The Design Plan

In our original nursery, we used the big 8 drawer Hemnes Dresser from IKEA and we love that dresser because it’s easy to keep organized with so many drawers and it’s a great height to double as a change table. Our youngest son is going to take that dresser to his new big-kid room though so we used this opportunity to find a more feminine looking sideboard to add to the nursery. Here's the Hemnes Dresser that we currently have:

We found this sideboard for sale online and loved the lines it had, but thought it was in need of a refresh. This sideboard is the perfect height to allow it to double as a dresser and change table as well. I am happy that it’s a bit shorter than our big Hemnes dresser though because it’s able to fit on a shorter wall in our nursery, allowing us to try a new room arrangement where there won’t be anything in front of the window, which will make the room seem bigger and brighter. In case you are curious, this sideboard measures 54” L x 37” H x 21” D.

Now if you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we have added furniture refinishing posts to our blog before:

Living Room Furniture

Dining Room Hutch

This project is a bit different though! The Living Room furniture that we refinished had pretty straight lines so it made for a simpler project. And the hutch we refinished is the same colour as the sideboard we’re currently refinishing, however, because it’s original colour was a dark blue, we couldn’t sand the edges for a distressed look. Instead, we had to use a glaze on the edges to create the distressed look.

So let’s get started!

The first thing we did was wipe down the sideboard with a damp cloth and allowed it to dry. We took off the doors, mirror, wheels, and handles. And then we pulled out the drawers. We taped off the hinges and the mirror.

We started applying paint! We used Rustoleum Chalked Paint in the Chiffon Cream. I have used this colour on our dining room hutch so I fully expected that this sideboard would cover in two coats of paint, however, it did take three before I had the uniform look I was aiming for. The Chalk paint dries fast though so we were able to apply all three coats within a 24 hour period.

I primarily used a mini roller to apply the paint since I am not a fan of paint brush streaks. However, we still had to use a foam brush to get into some of the corners. I applied the first coat of paint and then followed the dry time instructions on the can before applying the second and third coats.

After the three coats of paint were dry, I took a very close look and found a couple of drips that I didn't catch in time to smooth them out while they were wet. So I went ahead and created a 'distressed' look in these spots by sanding out the drips with a sanding sponge.

I continued to choose other edges, corners, and spots that I thought would look good with a little distressing and I lightly sanded them down to the original oak. I distressed spots until I liked the overall look of the piece of furniture. I continued to run my hand over the furniture to find any areas that felt a little rough to touch and I proceeded to ever-so-lightly sand these spots.

Next, we brushed all the dust off the furniture with a dry paint brush. You could certainly use a dry cloth or a vacuum (with an end that won't scratch the furniture). And then we applied Rust-Oleum's Ultra Matte Chalked Clear Protective Topcoat. We applied two light coats using a foam brush, following dry-time instructions on the can.

Once the clear coat was finished, we had the challenge of choosing hardware! I wanted the hardware to be complimentary to sideboard and to have a feminine look or kiddo-friendly look. Do you want to see the options we were considering? Fun, right?!

The oil-rubbed bronze handle was circular, which perfectly complimented the circular details that this sideboard has along the front of it. There are also other oil-rubbed bronze details in the nursery including the curtain rod, and the closet and door handles.

The hexagon handles are really neat because they have mint on the front, but oak on the back that would match lovely with the distressed spots on the sideboard. These handles are appropriate for a kids room for sure, but they are a bit oversized and don't really match the antique style of the sideboard.

The third option is a glass knob that has really pretty aged bronze on it that compliments the distressed parts of the sideboard, but also match well with the oil-rubbed bronze details in the nursery. The shape of the glass knob also resembles a flower so it is definitely feminine and an appropriate pick for a little girl’s room. In case you are wondering, we were looking at the large hardware stores in our area at glass knobs at they were selling for $8 each and we needed 8 of them so that would be $64 in knobs ... yikes! So I got lucky and found these glass knobs at Home Sense and they came out to $2.25 each.

Which ones would be your pick?! All three had neat details, but we decided to go with the glass knobs! Love how the aged bronze matches beautifully with the distressed parts of the sideboard. And they are just so girly!

I love how this sideboard turned out! It definitely has pretty and curvy lines, but nothing too fancy. The distressed spots turned out beautifully. This piece of furniture has a ton of character and will be a lovely addition to our little girl’s nursery. It's a dresser fit for a princess for sure! LOVE LOVE!

See you next week!

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