I am so excited that today is our design plan reveal day! It's always so much fun to show where we're headed with one of our projects and then we can really get down to business.

If you haven't seen it yet, we revealed the gender on our blog last week! We are having a GIRL!! So when I first started planning the nursery, I was drawn to wallpapers that had floral/pink/coral/aqua/creams and I had fun dreaming about this new colour scheme! However, when it comes down to it, Cam and I really aren't big 'floral' and 'pink' people so every wallpaper that I was showing Cam wasn't going over real well and to be honest, I probably could have talked him into it for our little girl's room, but I was a bit nervous myself that the florals and pinks would grow old fast for us. So that's how we arrived back at the aqua/grey/cream/white colour scheme that is consistent with the rest of our house. I am still having fun including some more feminine patterns and lines though and can't wait for it all to come together!

Here's the Design Plan!

You might remember that we put wallpaper in our laundry room and that it is from Anthropologie. So when I started looking for wallpaper for the nursery, I checked out Anthropologie again and I have fallen in love with another one of their wallpapers: 'Dashing Wallpaper'. The colours in this wallpaper are just so dreamy and the perfect blend for our nursery. So I went to track it down and it turns out that it isn't available at any of the Canadian Anthropologie stores (and they can't order it in for me) so I went to order it online and it says that that particular wallpaper doesn't ship to Canada. So we know someone that has a cabin just over the border into the US so we tried to ship it to her place, but the wallpaper doesn't ship to PO boxes (which is what they have at the cabin). So I even looked into getting the wallpaper sent to one of those warehouses in the US that will accept orders and then reship to Canadian clients, but the shipping charge was an additional $50 US plus possible additional duties and fees.

So of course I fall in love with the wallpaper that is turning out to be real tough to get my hands on! So the plan is to still include this wallpaper in my design plan for the nursery and I will keep trying to track it down! I am hoping that when one of my family members or friends heads down to the US, that they wouldn't mind grabbing it for me from one of the Anthropologie stores! FINGERS CROSSED! However, if it doesn't work out, and I can't get a roll of this wallpaper, my design is going to be fine without it as the rug also really ties all my colours together!

So that brings us to the rug! I actually fell in love with another aqua coloured rug a while ago and had it stuck in my mind! But for a 5' x 8' rug, it was on sale for $360! YIKES. So I just really couldn't talk myself into paying that much, but because I already had that one stuck in my mind, I shopped around for a ridiculous amount of time looking for a rug that lived up to the one I had in mind, but that also came with a good price tag. And then I came across this beautiful rug and the search was over! This rug has all the colours, the pretty feminine lines, a good price, and all the feels!! So it's been ordered and should be in next week and I can't wait to see it in person! What a relief to find 'The ONE!'. Here it is:

And in case you are curious, here's the original rug that I started out with:

Another project that we're going to take on in the nursery is a new dresser (that will also be used as our change table)! I was watching online for a used piece of furniture that would work for this purpose for quite a while and managed to track down an antique sideboard that has some pretty curves on it. I love the one we found, but it needs a bit of a refresh. So I plan to refinish it with some fresh paint, some distressing, and real girly hardware. We will definitely keep you posted on this project! Here's the 'before' photos of the sideboard:

We are able to reuse a bunch of stuff from our sons' nursery including the white crib, the white side table, and the grey wingback chair so that helps cut down on our shopping list.

We actually never updated the light since we moved into this house 3.5 years ago so we're still living with an old track light in there that isn't real great. So we're going to update the light as well with a semi-flush mount light. And she's pretty with whites, creams, galvanized steel, and some distressing! It will provide the perfect vibe for our nursery.

Well that's the design plan! It actually seemed to be a bit tedious to pull together all of the details in this particular project as I had a lot of bits and pieces to track down that proved difficult (and I still haven't gotten the wallpaper!), but I know it will all be well worthwhile to have a sweet and cozy nursery for our little gal when she arrives in December!

See you next week for week 3 of the One Room Challenge!

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