Our old deck wasn't just the ugly deckling, it was the sole reason we never spent time in our back yard. So, we built a new back deck this summer and can't wait to show you all how it turned out! It's pretty and real cozy! Our back deck is also under a pergola that has a plastic covering on the roof so that the deck stays completely dry, which is nice! We really like that the back deck is protected from the weather a bit. As well, our back yard and deck are also quite shady, which is great with little kiddos and though we do have a front patio above our garage that is south facing and it gets loads of sunshine, we are lucky to have the option to enjoy sun or shade at pretty much any time of the day.

We love the pergola over our deck so our plan is to leave it as is and we'll just replace the deck itself. The old deck was close to 12' x 12', but there was a big cut-out for the stairs that really took away from space, making it more difficult to efficiently arrange the space on the deck. And don't even get us started on the stairs - they were a bit of a nightmare with a bunch of different stair sections and odd landing sections pushed together that made them unnecessarily stretch pretty far into our already small back yard. The kids found the stairs awkward and often tripped on them and whenever the stairs would get wet, they were incredibly slippery so I would definitely agree that they were dangerous.

So our plan of action was to come up with a design for our deck. We had a lot of conversations about potentially extending our deck so it was larger or to add a lower level to add square footage to the deck. However, in the end, we decided we wanted to stick with the 12' x 12' deck, but we would build it so it no longer has the cut-out. And then down the road, if we decide we want another outdoor sitting area or dining area, then we can add a patio area that would accommodate our needs. We ultimately came to this decision because up to this point, we haven't used our back yard a ton so we wanted to see how we use it once we get a more functional deck space and go from there.

So the design for the new deck included a 12' x 12' space. One side of the deck has been enclosed with a tall privacy wall and we love the look and function that this provides. The new stairs would be much wider and stretch from one pergola post to the other, which meant the stairs would be approximately 120" wide. The stairs were also going to be 6 consecutive stairs, without any landings - what a drastic change! We are also adding railings to the stairs, which will help make them safer for the little humans in our life.

The other biggest change that we did was add a storage space under the deck! Amazing, right?! The bottom of our back door is about 4 feet off the ground, so that definitely leaves some space for storage under the deck, but the old deck wasn't enclosed underneath at all. So the plan was to add cement patio blocks underneath the deck to clean it up and make it properly graded away from the house. We enclosed the sides of the deck and added two gates so we could access the new storage space. This is going to be a game-changer for storing our patio furniture and outdoor kids toys, especially since we are limited for this type of storage with a garage that doesn't have the additional space for many storage options and we don't have a garden shed or anything like that.

So there you have it! That's the big plan! Oh and we planned out our supplies and got them all delivered the Friday before we started our project - that was a little treat to ourselves not to have to spend Friday night at the hardware store before starting our project Saturday. We sure know how to live it up over here! haha.

Can't wait to show you how the deck turned out!


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