Wallpaper seems to be all the rage these days. And it should be ... if it's done well, it can really elevate a room design.

In case you missed it, we entered our laundry room in the Spring One Room Challenge this year. And I wanted to use this challenge as an opportunity to jump on the oh-so-beautiful wallpaper train! So I set out to find the perfect wallpaper and I will tell you something ... it was a lengthy search because there are only about a million wallpapers out there. And they come in every colour and style ... many being surprisingly hideous and outrageously expensive.

After a long hunt, I did end up with a list of pretty wallpapers to choose from that would seamlessly tie in with a modern farmhouse style. I picked 'the one' for our laundry room and I want to share the rest with you!

I had a vision in mind for the laundry room that included it being the perfect mix between rustic and modern and feminine. I was dreaming of barn wall sconces, subway tile with dark grout, a wood-looking floor tile laid in a herringbone pattern, shiplap, wood shelving, and the perfect wallpaper. In order to tie the whole space together, this wallpaper needed to have a feminine pattern that felt rustic and caught my eye without being too overwhelming, but not boring either because I wanted it to make a bit of a statement. And it needed to have a cream, white, and hopefully grey or mint colour palette. So you'll notice a lot of the choices on this list of wallpapers falls into this particular category.

The beauty that we ended up picking makes my heart beat faster, but also does a wonderful job of tying together all of the colours in the space with its mints, creams, whites, and splashes of grey. Let's start off the list with 'the one' that we chose called Edith (in mint):

Here's some of the other wallpaper options that I definitely added to the list that I was considering:

1. I loved this wallpaper so much that I even ordered a sample! It's got a lovely floral pattern and when it's on the wall, the wallpaper shimmers in a way that makes the pattern less overwhelming, because you don't see it as much when the light is shining on it. It does come with a fairly heavy price tag tho, especially for us Canadians paying the exchange rate.

2. This is such a lovely lace pattern that has an incredibly rustic, but feminine look. The grey colour comes across as 'griege' to me so of course I love it! This wallpaper easily could have worked in our laundry room too! I think it would also be perfect in a Master Bedroom.

3. This wallpaper has a neat blend between rustic and industrial, where floral meets cement. I love the floral pattern itself because it's subtle, but beautiful.

4. It is neat that this wallpaper is from Etsy so it's handmade. The watercolours are so pretty and give off a vintage/rustic vibe that would be just perfect for an lady's office or a little girl's nursery.

5. I love the black and white take on this bold floral wallpaper! And it could be neat for a laundry room or powder room!

6. I love the way watercolour florals look especially with a minty colour palette like this one has.

7. This floral pattern has a rustic/vintage vibe as well with real pretty colours. It seems like the perfect choice for a little girl's bedroom.

8. This wallpaper has a pretty subtle and simple pattern and colour palette so it could be a good choice for someone who is a bit afraid of going too bold with a wallpaper pattern.

9. There were a few 'Spanish tile' looking wallpapers that caught my eye because of their timeless, rustic vibe and the beautiful patterns. This particular wallpaper comes in two colours that are both pretty (Taupe & Grey).

10. More Spanish tile-looking wallpaper! How could you not love the colour palette?! And the floral inspired pattern would blend well with rustic decor. I think this wallpaper would have looked lovely in my laundry room too, especially since I had planned to put the wallpaper on the top half of the wall and shiplap on the bottom of the wall (meaning that I don't think this pattern would be too busy at all, especially if it's only going on half the wall).

11. I really liked the classic Spanish tile pattern that this wallpaper had, but the colour is just too navy to work with my particular colour palette. Would be neat in a farmhouse kitchen or bathroom though.

12. Love the way the teal looks in this wallpaper! I worried that this pattern looks a little smaller-scale so it may get a little on the busy side once it's up on the wall ... for my particular taste. But if you are looking for a busier, teal wallpaper for a nook of some kind, where the wallpaper is only going to be on one back wall, then this may be for you!

13. This wallpaper definitely has a distressed, antique, rustic feel to it and would also be perfect if you had a nook for it (where it would be going on the back wall), such as a reading, sitting, or bar nook of some kind.

14. I also found the distressed one above in a light teal colour with copper accents peeking through.

15. This wallpaper has a textured, floral tile pattern that is pretty! And with it being a paintable wallpaper, you have the freedom to paint it in any colour of your choice, which is perfect if you have a favourite paint colour in mind already!

Hope one of these beautiful, rustic wallpapers inspires you and you find yourself giving wallpaper a try in your space! If you are like me, you might be a bit nervous to wallpaper the wall with a pattern that is a bit bolder than you are used to, but if you love it, just go for it!


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