This Spring has been wild for our family because we've had so many projects on the go - all happy of course! One of the big announcements that we recently made was that In Love with a House is now offering eDesign services! We have tons of information about the types of packages and services that we offer over on our website, so please check it out!

Cam and I love all things interior design, renovation, and DIY related - we truly have a soft spot in our hearts for this kind of thing. We work hard to dream up functional and beautiful spaces that can stand up to the hustle and bustle of life, but can also be a spot where families discover much needed rest and relaxation. We are grateful to all of our readers for your love and support and can't wait to team up with you to bring your design and reno dreams to life!

What is eDesign?

Whether you just bought a fixer upper or you are planning a new build, your house has so much potential to be the home of your dreams. From changing the layout of your floor plan, to maximizing your space, to choosing your finishes, to sourcing furniture and decor, to suggesting DIY projects, to exploring the potential possibilities for your space, we are here to help you navigate through the home renovation process. By brainstorming together, we can help you feel confident in the renovation decisions that you are making and potentially avoid costly delays or mistakes. We kickstart your project with a design plan that gives you a starting point for not only your renovation, but your budget. eDesign makes it easy for us to work with clients that love our work, no matter where you are located. This way of design is affordable and virtual, but still offers a customized design package that has been put together based on your individual style, space, family, and requirements.

What comes with your eDesign package?

When you have purchased one of our design packages, you will be sent an online design questionnaire that will jumpstart this project by providing us with a glimpse into your home and your plans for it. The details that you provide in this questionnaire give me an idea of what you want to accomplish and allows me to come prepared for our initial design meeting so that we can quickly jump on your team to get your home more streamlined for you and your family by bringing your dream home visions to reality.

We offer a Renovation & Design Project Planning Meeting that is a one-hour, virtual meeting - it is a verbal conversation intended to discuss all of the various aspects unique to your house, renovation, and situation. Renovating, building, and decorating may seem overwhelming - you may have a mind full of design ideas or really no idea at all where to start. Either way, we can brainstorm together and come up with ideas and solutions that you may not have thought of, discuss tips and tricks for the project you have planned, and focus in on design details. This meeting gives me an opportunity to ask you any questions that I may still have about your project plans and talk to you about some of the initial ideas that I have for your space.

All the other design packages that we offer start off with the one-hour, virtual Renovation & Design Project Planning Meeting. Following the meeting, I put together a thorough and detailed design package for you that includes a Floor Plan, Design Boards, a Shopping List, and computer graphics showing what your space could look like.

I include a couple different options for many of the furniture and decor pieces so that you can decide based on which style, colour, price, quality, material you may like better.

You can review your design package and send feedback. We complete one round of revisions in response to your feedback and send you a final design package via email. And then the fun really begins: you can begin to implement your Design Plan at your own pace by purchasing the materials, furniture, and decor! Renovations can also begin by hiring a contractor or by doing it yourself.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our eDesign packages. Also, keep in mind that we're happy to help you with interior or exterior projects. We'd be so happy to team up with you so hopefully you'll consider In Love with a House for your interior design requirements.

Talk soon!

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