We've been working on our laundry room as part of the One Room Challenge for the last six weeks so of course we are so happy to show you how this space turned out! It's time for the big reveal! I am going to warn you, you won't even recognize this space ... and that's a good thing because the original condition of this laundry room left a lot to be desired and it really only barely functioned for us since we've moved into the house. Before we jump right in, here's a before photo:

We planned to use the renovated space as a laundry room and pantry room and since I do 99% of our household's laundry and grocery-buying, I mostly only had to take my own needs and wishes into consideration, which was a first for sure! I had fun with it though! Wallpaper has been on my wish list for a long, long time so I included that in the design. We also tried a few new things that we hadn't tried before (that we'll talk about soon). I ended up with a laundry room of my dreams and feel incredibly spoiled - just in time for Mother's Day!

As I mentioned, there were a few design selections that we've never tried before that we had the chance to try in this laundry room! We put subway tile above the washer and dryer and for the first time ever on wall tile, we used dark grout - the same colour that we used for the floor tile. We also installed the shiplap only halfway up the wall and then cased it out and it looks so pretty!

We also used a new stain colour on the floating wood shelves called 'Sunbleached'. Although we used shiplap, subway tiles, and floating shelves on our main floor - you're seeing them in this laundry room with a new spin, which is neat that we were able to try some new things, but still have consistency with the main floor. Grey countertops are also a first for us! And we are happy to say that we went for it and finally tried wallpaper! All these firsts made for a pretty fun project for this little creative-mind!

This space has the absolute perfect mix between rustic and modern and feminine. The wallpaper makes my heart beat faster, but also does a wonderful job of tying together all of the colours in the space with its mints, creams, whites, and splashes of grey. The wallpaper really steals the show ... and there's a lot of stars in this show! haha. I actually recently found out that Jillian Harris used this wallpaper for one of her clients on a Love It or List It Vancouver episode so it is actually a bit famous! haha.

The wood-looking floor tiles have a warm greige tone to them and look beautiful laid in a herringbone pattern down the middle of the space. The oh-so-large pantry cabinet provides more storage space than we could even need and came in a pretty creamy-white colour that matches this colour palette perfectly. And we topped off the cabinet with a beautiful crown moulding. The floating wood shelves provide even more additional storage space, but also a spot to highlight accessories. I tried to pull in natural wood tones in the picture frames, decor beads, wood storage box, and the storage basket to bring in warmth and natural beauty into the space.

The countertop is a concrete-looking quartz countertop that brings a masculine touch to the space. There are beautiful flecks of white, dark grey, and black in it. I am definitely a white countertop girl at heart, but as soon as I saw this handsome grey piece, I knew it would be perfect to tie the greys together in this space. It is also incredibly functional and provides space for sorting & folding laundry, treating stains, and stacking food before it gets put away into the pantry cabinet.

We used creamy-white subway tile above the countertop that features a dark greige grout. The subway tiles are bright and airy! Speaking of light, these barn-looking lights are just insanely perfect for this space - beautiful curves and the oil-bronzed colour pops right off the subway tile backdrop.

Anyways, if you can't tell - we are incredibly in love with this space! This room is doing double duty and providing a laundry space and pantry storage. And it also makes me feel like our home is much more organized and streamlined. This room feels consistent with the style of the rest of our home, but still has a lot of its own unique character!

We had an amazing time participating in the One Room Challenge this Spring! It was one tight timeline to get this whole project done on time, and although we are excited to be done this project, we are already looking for a potential project to enter into this Fall's One Room Challenge! We'll keep you posted! Thank you so much for following along on this journey with us!

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And, be sure to check back to the rest of Guest Participants in this Spring 2018 One Room Challenge!


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