We're talking paint, floor tiles, and grout this week after wrapping up another week in our One Room Challenge project - the laundry room! If you happened to miss the first three posts, you should definitely check them out because there's been a lot going on - here they are:

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Guys - we had a good, old-fashioned paint party this week! We primed the ceiling, drywall and shiplap with primer. And then we painted the ceiling with two coats of ceiling paint. And we even painted the shiplap with the colour that we've used on our trim throughout the house and we still absolutely love it! The colour we use on our trim is called Sherwin Williams - Westhighland (SW 7566). We didn't have any problems painting the lines on the shiplap. We used a quarter as a spacer when we installed the shiplap and that seemed to do the trick because it didn't require any additional steps to make sure the shiplap seams painted nicely.

Next, we were going to install the same wood-looking tiles that we have put in our main bath and entryway into the laundry room. We love the look of these 6" wide x 36" long tiles and they are oh so easy to keep clean. But before the install could start, we had to have a little team meeting about how to address the floor drain that is in the middle of the laundry room.

We talked about several options including buying a fancier steel drain. However, we settled on a plan for Cam to make a wood floor drain cover that will look similar to a teak shower mat, but we are going to stain it the same grey colour that will be going on the floating wood shelves in the laundry room. Here's an image of a teak shower mat in case you're wondering what the heck I am talking about:

The next order of business was to get the Schluter Ditra uncoupling membrane installed to provide a secure and stable base for the tiles. We had to apply mortar to the concrete basement floor and then pushed the uncoupling membrane onto the mortar. Although you don't have to, we gave it 24 hours to dry.

We cleaned off the Schluter Ditra real well and then we were ready to rock and roll on the tiles. We started laying the tiles so that the herringbone pattern would be easily seen along the pathway that will be running up the middle of our laundry room, which will really give the tiles and the beautiful pattern the opportunity to shine like a star!

We did run into one problem: one tile broke after we installed them. We set all the tiles and left them to dry and the first time we walked on them, the tile by the floor drain broke! The floor is sloping so much in that spot towards the drain and since these tiles are long and clearly not flexible, the tile in that spot broke. So we continued on with the project and we'll have to patch that tile in before the big reveal!

Next, we applied the same grout that we used in our main bath and our ensuite on our main floor because we love it!! The grout is called 'New Taupe' by 'Polyblend'. We used the non-sanded grout because we like how it looks less porous. Although the latex based grout is a bit more tedious to evenly apply, the smooth look of the grout is definitely worth it and easier to keep clean and keep its original colour. This non-sanded grout is only recommended for grout joints up to 1/8" so we made sure to use 1/8" spacers. And one last tip related to grout - the dark grout colours are a bit fussy so you have to ensure that you follow the directions on the package to make sure the correct amount of water is added while mixing it.

Well there you have it! Another week down, which means we're getting real close to the big reveal! Can't wait! See you next week, friends!

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