Things are starting to take shape over here in our laundry room that we entered into the One Room Challenge. In case you didn't see the project plan, floor plan, and design plan from week one, here's the link so you can get all caught up! And here's the link to last week's blog post that was all about the behind the wall reno details - the manly stuff! Oooh ohhh aahhh ahhh! Opps. I meant for that to sound like manly grunts, but it really just sounds like monkey noises. haha!

Moving on, there was a lot of progress in our laundry room this week and it even feels much more like a real room and not just a corner in the basement. Once the framing was finished last week, we figured out where the potlights would be installed in the ceiling and had them installed. We went with three potlights that would be above the walk-way that is down the middle of the room.

Drywall went up this week and it went extra fast because we were only drywalling the top 41" (which was two repeats of the wallpaper pattern we plan to use). And then we completed the mudding and sanding of the drywall.

Next up ... drum roll ... SHIPLAP! Yup, you read that right - we installed shiplap on the bottom half of the walls in our laundry room and it's beautiful! When you price out shiplap on the wall versus drywall, the 4' x 8' sheet of plywood is $47 and the 4' x 8' sheet of drywall with all the mud and taping required would be about $20. So it is cheaper just to go with drywall, but there's a lot more steps when you consider the 3 coats of mud that drywall usually requires to be finished properly. Because we have such a small space, it was worth it to us to save the time mudding and spend a little more money to get shiplap. Plus, who wouldn't want shiplap in their laundry room?! m'right?

So how did this shiplap project go down, you ask?! We needed three sheets of plywood and Cam used the table saw to cut them into 8" strips, which broke up evenly into 6 strips. The plywood we used was 1/2" thick (the same thickness as the drywall) and sanded on one side.

Next, we used a stapler to hang white tissue paper on the wall where the shiplap was going to be. Since our basement is unfinished, the light from the rooms adjacent to the laundry room would be shining through the cracks on the shiplap. So the tissue paper provided backing behind the shiplap to stop the light from coming into the laundry room. Hanging the tissue paper was nothing technical - we just stapled it up long the studs.

Now comes the fun part - hanging the shiplap! We hung the top strip of shiplap first using a level to keep a consistent height around the room. We secured the shiplap strips to the studs using an air nailer.

After that, we hung the subsequent pieces of shiplap using a quarter as a spacer. We secured all of these strips to the studs using an air nailer as well and we tried to be consistent with the placing of the nail holes so they were all in a row and so that they didn't look random. We wanted the nail holes to look neat because we didn't plan to wood fill all of them.

When we got to the bottom strip of shiplap, we had to cut it to the appropriate size so it would end about 1" from the floor.

Next, we plan to prime the shiplap. And then we are going to finish it off with a 3" trim piece that will sit horizontally along the wall, covering up the gap between the drywall top and the shiplap bottom. We will also be adding baseboard to cover the 1" gap at the bottom of the wall, and it will also complete the look of the wall.

Hope this mini tutorial was helpful! Using plywood to make shiplap was easy - you can definitely do it! We love how it looks so far!

We can't wait to see next week's progress, which should include some paint and some floor tiles. We're HAPPY DANCING over here! The laundry room has been a fun project so far! We can't wait to see how it all comes together - oh the suspense!

If you're looking for more amazing transformation be sure to check back to the One Room Page Week 3 page for some more wicked projects! - Click on the logo below

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