We are rocking and rolling over here on our laundry room that we entered into the One Room Challenge. In case you didn't see the project plan, floor plan, and design plan from week one, here's the link so you can get all caught up!

As soon as we hit 'Publish' on our post from last week, we were heading to the hardware store for supplies because we had a long to-do list for this first work week! As you may recall, we were starting with a laundry room that was plopped into a corner of our unfinished basement so we didn't even have the basics, like framing and a ceiling, to get us started over here!

We ended up finishing up all the stuff that goes behind the drywall this past week, which is some of the most important aspects to a project, and some of Cam's favourite 'manly' stuff!

We started off with a demo day... or I mean demo hour! One of the benefits of not starting off with a full room meant that the demo requirements were actually pretty small. So we took down the wood shelves, the two walls of old drywall, and took out the old sink. And that pretty much wrapped up demo! haha.

Cam framed up the new walls. We added a nook for the small freezer to go into, as well as some pretty shelving. And then Cam framed out the ceiling, including the spots for the new potlights and framing around our laundry chute that was previously installed from our main bathroom on the main floor.

Oh and of course our little supervisor checked in to call the shots for a few minutes and to give Cam some pro tips!

The washer and dryer doors were opening so they backed each other and we were not finding that placement very efficient to move laundry from the washer to dryer so the machines needed to switch spots so the doors would open in a way that streamlined things a little better, which meant moving some plumbing.

Next, we had a bunch of electrical to knock off our list! Three new potlights, two wall sconces, new electrical outlets for the washer and dryer, and a bunch of plugins.

So there you have it, all the boring ... or I mean 'manly and important behind the wall stuff' is complete. That's a big job done! We've got drywall and shiplap going up this next week so this space will really start to take shape then - we'll have all those details up next Thursday so be sure to come check it out!

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