This Spring has been wild for our family because we've had so many projects on the go (including the launch of our eDesign services!) - all happy, of course! We are so excited to tell you all that we're participating in the One Room Challenge this Spring! As part of this challenge, we'll be overhauling our laundry room in six weeks and it's a doozy! Oh and one more thing - the fun begins this week! Demo day is right around the corner!

In case you haven't heard of the One Room Challenge - it's where 20 featured designers as well as guest participants that run a blog transform a space from start to finish in six weeks and they give readers updates each week along the way. The One Room Challenge is a biannual event that is held every April and October and is currently in its thirteenth season. The intention of the challenge is for it to be a source of interior design inspiration, ideas, and encouragement each week. We're so excited to get in on all the action!

So let's get started, shall we?! We'll show you what we're working with over here because I am going to warn you, it's not pretty... and it's barely functional, in fact, it's not even a full room at this point.

Perhaps one of the ugliest laundry rooms you've seen to date?! Agreed. Our current laundry room is located in our unfinished basement and it's just been plopped in a corner down there. When we moved into our house, the washer was from the 90's and the dryer was original to the house (1985). Yikes. So our dryer broke down last year and we used that as an opportunity to invest in a new washer and dryer and that's really the only thing we have going for us in this space. Other than that, the washer and dryer doors open the wrong way and they are located far apart, and have a old wash sink between them and it no longer works. And then there are two skinny little shelves that we use for laundry supplies and a tiny amount of dry food storage.

What's our plan, you ask? We've actually designed the new space so it will be a laundry room and pantry room. So our washer and dryer and apartment-sized freezer will be in the new space and we'll incorporate food storage into the space. We are going to get started with demo. And then we're framing in the laundry room space so that it's an actual room. We're adding wall sconces, and pot lights and some new plug-ins - so there's a lot of electrical on the go. And we've got some plumbing that needs to be moved around since the washer and dryer have to switch spots so they are a little more streamlined. We're drywalling. We're shiplapping. We're adding wooden shelving to get things organized over here. We're adding a countertop - can I get a hallelujah!?! We're adding a big pantry cabinet for food storage (EEEK!!! Pure excitement). And you're hearing it hear first: we're wallpapering! That's right, things are going to get a little more wild over here!

Here's the new floor plan:

And here's the design plan! Soo exciting - can't wait to see this beauty of a laundry room come together!

This is going to be neat for us because we don't always provide updates about our projects along the way so hopefully you'll enjoy seeing the progress in real time! We'll be back next Thursday to fill you in on all the project deets!

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