Have you been seeing wood bead garland popping up everywhere and wishing you had some for your space too? Or was that just me?! I watched for these decor beads to pop up at one of my home decor hot spots so I could snag one, but I never did see it at any of the stores that I checked out. So the next option was to order some wood bead garland from a vendor on Etsy, as there are lots of beautiful handmade options on there! However, by the time I ended up needing a string of wood bead garland for a blog photo shoot that we had scheduled, I had officially run out of time to order anything online. So that's where I came up with the plan to make this decor and you know what? It was real easy! So here's all the deets so you can try it out too!

Here's the supply list:

3 packages (18 beads in each) - 1" wood beads

- Bought these from Michaels - they were $5.99 each, but I bought them each with a 40% coupon so they totalled $10.80

1 roll of jute twine

- Bought this from the Dollar Store for $2, but you can buy larger balls of it from Michaels too.

Total Cost: $12.80

To get started, I cut a 70" piece of jute twine and tied a large knot on the end (that measured about 1/4"). I started putting all the beads onto the long piece of jute twine one by one. Sometimes the end of the twine would fray a bit as I placed it through the beads so I had to twist the end a bit to give it some strength. I also have to trim an inch off the end of the piece of twine a couple times to get a fresh start.

Once all the beads were on the twine, I left about 3 extra inches of twine before I tied another large knot (that measured about 1/4"). The additional twine at the end of the row of beads allows the whole garland more flexibility to move and twist into staged positions. The beads are flat on the ends so if you don't leave the 3 extra inches of twine, the beads basically lock together and the whole row is stiff and can only be arranged in a straight line. The finished string of beads turned out to be 52" long and that is plenty long enough to use as decor.

Lots of people add tassels or wood decor such as a heart onto the ends of the garland, but I liked the simple look of just knots on the end. However, if you want to add a little somethin' somethin' on the end, that would be simple enough to include at the end of the row of beads.

I also considered spray painting the beads with a light coat of chalk paint and then lightly distressed them with sandpaper. I decided that the natural wood colour was going to work best in our space, but you could certainly easily paint the beads before starting this project if you wanted to.

I think y'all will love this project because it was so incredibly easy and inexpensive, but these wooden beads make a big impact and can be used for endless decorating vignettes. Happy crafting!

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