In the past, I have searched online for that perfect wall stencil that I had in mind to add a pop of interest to various spaces and never really had a whole lot of luck. Well now we've figured out how to make our very own homemade wall stencil and I LOVE it!

In case you missed it, we recently renovated our ensuite and it has the most beautiful cement tile that I fell in love with as soon as I saw them. This particular cement tile is a bit 'busier' than we would typically choose for a tile, however,

when I first started to visualize and plan the design for this ensuite, I was in love with the idea of having cement tile on the floor. Since cement tiles often have a bold pattern and look to them, I started the design process by picking out the cement tiles first so they could be the anchor for this project and other design decisions would be made from there.

It can be a tough decision to pick out cement tiles for people like us, who are generally a bit more conservative in our design choices. We wanted to ensure we picked out a cement tile pattern that didn't have too many colours or wasn't too overwhelming. We also wanted to make sure that the pattern and colour we picked is complimentary to the style of our home. In the end, we're in love with the greige and cream tile that we ended up finding that features a moroccan motif that is perfect for us, as this is a pattern that we've used on our decor throughout our house and we love the simply elegant, yet classic look that it has. So we decided to continue this particular pattern into our Master Bedroom and Walk-in-Closet.

Stencil From floor tile pattern

diy stencil with cricut

In our Master Bedroom, you can see that I used this same homemade stencil to make a piece of artwork to place on the wainscotting behind our bed.

And then I used the homemade stencil to do a wall treatment on the back wall of our walk-in closet. We painted all four walls of our closet with a light and creamy grey colour (SICO 6206-11 - Croquis Inkling). And then we used our trim colour (Sherwin Williams SW 7566 - Westhighland) to paint the stencil onto the end wall. I love that the stencil was subtle using these two paint colours together - it creates a soft, elegant wall treatment. You can only do one coat of the stencil paint and it took me about four hours to stencil the whole end wall. I started the stenciling by centring the first one at the top of the end wall (above the window), and moving out from there.

home made wall stencil with cricut

Believe it or not, in order to make this stencil, I started by taking a picture of our cement floor tile. I logged into our cricut design space account and uploaded the picture of our cement tile and started working away on cleaning up the image so that the grout lines couldn't be seen. It works best if you zoom into the image and use the 'Select & Erase' tool. We ended up with a photo that looked like this:

Next, we used the cricut to cut the stencil onto cardstock. We had to make about 6 copies because the paint starts to get the stencil a bit wet and then the stencil lines become less crisp so you just switch out your stencil for a fresh cardstock copy.

Since the stencil colour and wall colour are so subtly different, the pictures honestly don't do this particular project justice, but I love it and would definitely consider using this stencil again or even making other stencils for future projects. Hope y'all got a little inspiration from this project!

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