We have the cutest, quickest DIY step stool that we wanted to share with y'all and it's uber affordable, coming in less than $20 - what's not to love?!

We really needed a step stool for our main bathroom, as that's the bathroom that our son uses most for washing his hands and he is doing the potty training thing. He did have a plastic toy potty that doubled as a step stool, but we wanted to get that out of there because it was much harder to clean, it didn't match our space very well, and of course we no longer want to be transferring bodily fluids from that plastic potty to the big potty ... you know where I am going with this!

Materials List:

- 1 x 8 Foot, 2" x 4" Pine Boards ($4)

- 1 x 6 Foot, 1" x 4" Pine Boards ($6)

- Stain

- Matte Clear Protective Topcoat

We are so happy with this little step stool and plan to make another one for our kitchen! The stool is light and easy to move around and it's easy to wipe off when water is inevitably spilled on it. And it fits right under our floating bathroom vanity when we are needing to get the stool out of the way.

Here's how to make it:

It's nice to have a project that is just simple, straight cuts. No miters, no bevels, just straight cuts, which is even better news if you don't have a bunch of saws because all you would need is a simple hand saw!

To start, here are the cuts I made:

- 4 x 18" lengths of 1" x 4"

- 2 x 16" lengths of 2" x 4"

- 2 x 8" lengths of 2" x 4"

diy kids step stool

Next, screw the 8" board on the 16" board on both the front and back sides

diy kids step stool

diy kids step stool

Our steps are 18" wide so we sat the stringers so the width was 16" - this left us with a 1" hangover on each side. If you choose to make a wider stool, it's easy to do that by making the base wider and putting longer 1" x 4" steps on it. To give an easy spacing for the steps, you can use a screw as a spacer. Use a short 1.5" screw to screw in the steps.

diy kids step stool

diy kids step stool

Try to keep the screws spaced evenly on each board to make it consistent. Once all the screws are in, give the whole bench a light sand to round out any corners. If you're using pine wood like we did, be sure to use a 'Natural' wood fill as it is closer to wood colour and will stain more evenly.

diy kids step stool

diy kids step stool

Once a the wood fill is dry, do a final sand and use a damp cloth to wipe off all the dust. By using a damp cloth, you will also do a process that is called 'water popping' - this will open the pores of the wood and allow the wood grain to stand out even more.

This project only took the tiniest bit of stain (Varathane - Weathered Grey) and Matte Clear Protective Topcoat that we happened to still have kicking around from when we finished the floating shelves in our main bathroom. So we matched the stain colour exactly to those shelves, which helps to achieve a custom and consistent look in our space.

From start to finish, this stool took about 3 hours - what an easy Saturday project! Like we promised, it's the cutest, quickest, most affordable DIY stool.

diy kids step stool

diy kids step stool

diy kids step stool
diy kids step stool

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