Tea Drawer Chalkboard paint DIY

With the fresh start that the new year brings, I always feel the need to dive into house cleaning and that includes organizing some of the spots that were not functioning well, such as drawers and closets. Most of these organization projects don't cost much, they just take a little time for me to go through things and purge where we can and reorganize until things are feeling streamlined again. We were finding our tea drawer was a little out of control though and we found the perfect solution to get it functioning a whole lot better for us.

We came across the sweetest jars last time we were at IKEA! The Korken jar comes in a three-pack for $3. It seriously doesn't get better than that. The jars are 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" (4oz) and have a lid. With the jars being so small, there is a lot you could do with these cuties! And since we have some drawers in our kitchen that are pretty shallow, these jars are the perfect size to get our tea situation on the up and up. So I bought 2 - 3 packs for a total of 6 jars.

I wanted a way to label each jar so I would know what kind of tea was in it, but I didn't want the label to be permanent so I would have the option to easily switch up the tea inside without having to create a new label. So we painted the tops of the jars with chalkboard paint! Here's how we did it!

First, we applied one coat of primer to the top of the jars using a flat-bottomed stencil brush. We used this brush to help push the paint around in a circular motion so we could get it close to the edge of the jar top without getting it onto the edging detail around the outside.

Once the primer was dry, we used the same process to apply chalkboard paint. We applied a coat of the chalkboard paint and let it dry overnight. We applied a second coat of the chalkboard paint and let it dry overnight. If you ended up with a small crack or a small bubble on the top, it's okay to give it a light sanding with a sanding sponge and apply a third, light coat of paint.

Next, we gave the jars a wash and let them dry. And then we started putting our teas into their own jars and using chalk to label them. These jars are quite little so they don't take up much room, but with their clamp-down lid, they really keep our tea fresh. Soo happy with how cute these little tea jars turned out!


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