Happy New Year everyone! We had a really relaxed holiday and we're feeling refreshed and reenergized to start taking on some house projects. In the past, we haven't been the type to set overly specific New Year's resolutions and instead we have often set a theme or direction or general goals for the year. However, with our house project list, we're going to go ahead and get specific because we do indeed already know the projects we would like to tackle this year, but also planning for these projects ahead of time gives us ample time for design brainstorming, shopping around, and budgeting! You all know life happens though so these may not all happen this year or maybe there will be a few other ones that pop up for one reason or another, but here are the projects we are dreaming about for 2018:

1. How to make your own wall stencil

You may remember that in 2017, we created a beauty of master bedroom retreat with a boutique hotel looking room that features lovely DIY wainscotting. This retreat also has a beautifully crafted ensuite with the perfect blend between modern and rustic, with a simple and classic elegance. And the walk-in closet blends seamlessly with the rest of the space and boasts a subtle wall stencil treatment. This walk-in closet had a small price tag, but makes a big statement and much of that is owed to the lovely wall stencil that we made to match the moroccan motif in the ensuite. We will go ahead and show you how we made the stencil in case you would like to make your own stencil for a more customized look in your own home.

2. Refinishing a hutch

Our dining room is looking a bit plain so we have been coming up with a plan to give it some more personality. One of the things we've come up with is to add a hutch so we were keeping our eye out for a hutch for quite a while and came across a navy blue hutch that had beautiful lines and a whole lot of character. Obviously the navy blue isn't going to work in our particular space so we'll show you how we have refinished the hutch!

3. DIY feature wall unit

Our living room wasn't really functioning well for us so we came up with a wall unit design that finally gives me a space for accessories (where the kids can't reach many of them, which is key these days! haha) and also gives us loads of storage for toys so when the kids go to bed, we can hide away the mess. Between the wall unit and tweaking our furniture layout, we have transformed our living room and we can't wait for y'all to see it! Here's the before we were working with:

4. Building an entryway table

When you come into our house, there's a little entryway and then you go up a set of stairs to our main floor and then there's this little wall with the clock on it:

Ever since we moved into our house, I have been dreaming of a beautiful wood entryway table to go under this clock and fill this wall up a bit so it doesn't look so empty. I came across an entryway table that I absolutely loved for this space, but it was like 4x the price we wanted to spend. So now we're actually going to DIY this project and build our own table! And I actually recently found a local carpenter that is lathing the legs for us and he let me design them - it's been seriously so much fun! Can't wait to show you more details on this one!

5. Building a dining room table

As I mentioned earlier, we are finding that are dining room is a bit plain so we're doing a few things to give it some character and one of those things is going to be creating a new dining room! Our old table also only seats 6 people, which has become tight since we had our kiddos so this new table will be able to sit 8 people (which is the maximum that our dining room can accommodate), which will be perfect to host our extended family for meals together!

6. Building a deck

Our back deck has a bunch of different levels, it's small, it's not real sturdy, and it's worn out! It needs a serious overhaul. The only thing we like about it is the pergola that is over top of it because it's still in good shape and offers shade and shelter from the weather so we're keeping that for sure. We even added some sparkle to the pergola by adding some string lights to it - you can check out that post if you would like!

Here's an idea of the space we are working with:

7. Overhauling the laundry room

Ok you guys - we have the world's most ugly and underperforming laundry room. Our dryer broke down last year so we got a new washer and dryer and that's about the only thing we have going on in this space. We've got two little boys and this space isn't doing us any favours so it's going to get a serious overhaul and we're doing it on a budget! We've also got a couple surprises in store for you all on this project so stay tuned!

We actually don't have a photo of the laundry room since we moved in, but here's a photo of the laundry room when the previous owner of our house was still living here:

8. DIY Step Stool

Our son, Bennett has been potty trained, but he's still using the plastic kid potty that is in our bathroom. We're going to build him a DIY step stool to give him a step up, which will hopefully help with the transition to using the big potty full-time. This project is a bit on the selfish side because we're sick of cleaning the kid potty and emptying its contents ... you all know where we're going with this. haha. This step stool is quick and so affordable, so if you have a little human in your house, you'll have to check this project out!

We are happy to have you all here reading along - hope you're excited to see how the project list turns out. It will be a big year - cheers to 2018!!


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