We've been endlessly working to bring our home from the 1980's into modern day and as we went along, we knocked priority rooms off of our to-list and now that our main floor is almost completed, we've finally been able to give some much needed attention to our walk-in closet. I will tell you though, this closet was worth the wait because I have some serious walk-in closet lust over here right now ... I've got it bad!! haha. I know that a lot of ladies have themselves a weak spot for closets and why shouldn't they ... a dedicated space where the whole purpose is to organize your clothes, accessories, and jewelry ... maybe so you can fit even more in there? haha.

Anyways, when we first bought our house, the walk-in closet already had some good shelving that was on each side of the closet to make a 'his and hers' space - here are the 'before' photos:

Before we moved into our house, we washed down our walk-in closet and then I put some of the same paint colour that we were putting into our Master bedroom (SICO 6201-31 Natural Spring Water). Next, we painted the built-in cubbies with our trim colour (Sherwin Williams SW 7566 - Westhighland). And then we ran the hardwood floor from our room into the closet. At this point, we called it a day and moved in our clothes and this is how our walk-in closet functioned for the next two years. We didn't have baseboards or baskets or even a light fixture other than a basic bulb. This is how it looked:

Once we got caught up on all of our other house renos and projects, we circled back and dedicated some time to come up with a design plan for the walk-in closet. We took all of our clothes out again and then got to work by removing the stippling ceiling. We did this by lightly spraying the ceiling with a mist of water, giving it about 10 minutes to soak and then scraping it off with a medium-sized mudding knife. We gave it a day to dry and applied a skim coat of drywall mud over any spots that had been gouged and needed repair. We gave the mud a day to dry and then we sanded the entire ceiling. Next, we painted the ceiling with two coats of white ceiling paint.

And then we were onto the fun stuff - we painted all of the walls in the same light creamy grey that I loved so much in our ensuite and bathroom: SICO 6206-11 - Croquis Inkling. It's hard to pick a grey paint colour because they often take on different colours, but this grey doesn't and I just love how it looks light and airy.

Once the walls were painted, we completed the baseboards. Next, we wanted to add a stencil treatment to the end wall to make it the feature wall that pulls your interest in when you come into the space. Here's the best part you guys - we made this stencil using the pattern on the cement floor tile in our ensuite!! And then we used this stencil to make the wall treatment in the walk-in closet, but also a piece of artwork in the master bedroom. Pretty neat! We love that because we were able to make this stencil, that meant we were able to carry the exact same beautiful moroccan motif pattern from the ensuite to the master bedroom to the walk-in closet to get some flow going throughout the three spaces within the master bedroom oasis. We are going to create another blog post that has the specifics on how we made the stencil so stay tuned!

The next big task was to find appropriate baskets for the closet. I call basket shopping a big task because I thought it was hard to find baskets that were the correct size, a nice colour, and a good price. So many of the baskets that I was finding were $50 each and when we were looking for about 10 baskets, $50 each is simply not reasonable. We ended up using storage cubes from IKEA that came in 3 packs and then we bought a set for each side of our closet - I love how much you can fit in each of these cubes. And then I bought 3 smaller sized baskets from Home Sense that were half white in colour and half a natural colour - they are really pretty and only $19 each. And finally, we picked up our curvy laundry basket from Home Sense - I am so happy with the feminine look that it has and at $50 for a massive basket, I thought the price was just right.

We chose the same two-toned gold and oil-rubbed bronze retro pendant light to hang in the middle of the room. We liked that it was an open-cage light so the light would still cast all around the space. Also, loved that we could create another note of consistency throughout the space by having the same light in the ensuite and the walk-in closet.

Finally, before we put our clothes back in the space, we went through them and parted ways with some of the items we were no longer using. And we got rid of all of the mis-matched hangers as a way to simplify the space.

The whole space now seems much more in line with our style and it flows seamlessly with the rest of the master bedroom retreat. This project had a small price tag, but made an enormous statement ... and we're more organized so that is always nice too! Looking forward to showing you all how we made our own wall stencil to match the moroccan motif in the ensuite - stay tuned!

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