We've knocked off another room from our 'to-do' list and now we have our very own master bedroom getaway - an oasis of calm within a busy and hectic household. As our two-year old son would say: 'TA-DA!!!!'.

In case you missed it, we recently added an ensuite to our main floor - you can see the reveal post here and the post that provides all of the reno details and products used here.

I used a lot of creams, whites, and greiges in the ensuite bathroom, with touches of oil rubbed bronze, walnut-coloured wood, and hints of gold to catch the eye and provide a little contrast and warmth. We achieved a blend of modern-rustic with a touch of subtle elegance in the ensuite and it was important to us that a similar design and feel flowed into the master bedroom and walk-in closet.

We used this seafoam wall colour in other spaces on our main floor and we find it calming and intimate so we wanted to carry the same colour into our bedroom (SICO - Natural Spring Water - 6201-31). We also continued the dark-coloured hardwood that we used throughout most of our main floor into our bedroom. Pulling colours and product choices from other spaces in the home provides flow and consistency that we really appreciate. Although we don't want every room to look exactly the same, we do want a final look that is cohesive and complimentary as you move from space to space.

I often crush on well-done mouldings and wainscotting treatments that aren't too ornate, but add a simple sophistication to a space. So when Cam and I were brainstorming about how we should add some interest on the wall behind our bed and he offered to install mouldings, I jumped on this opportunity! The final result is everything I was dreaming about and adds an immediate wow factor and oh so much character to our bedroom! And you guys - this moulding feature wall cost less than $100 so we're going to break down this project in next week's blog post in case you'd like to try it yourself!

We topped off the crown moulding with some of our favourite photos of just the hubby and I. And I made the moroccan motif artwork! Yup, you read that correctly - we actually used exact design from the cement floor tile in our ensuite to create artwork for our bedroom and a wall stencil for our walk-in closet. The moroccan motif pops up in the decor throughout our house and we love the elegant, yet classic look that it has so we loved that we could carry this exact look throughout our master bedroom, ensuite, and walk-in closet. Stay tuned to find out how the walk-in closet turned out and how we made the stencil over the next couple of blog posts!

In every renovation, it's inevitable that you'll run into some kind of challenge that you'll have to sort out. In this particular reno, we added divided the original main bathroom into two bathrooms to end up with a main bath and an ensuite.

To make this plan come to fruition, the only option was to connect the ensuite and the master bedroom behind the bedroom door so that's where we broke through the wall, creating the opening. Since the quarters were a bit cramped with this opening being behind the door, there simply wasn't room to put a door on the bathroom. And we could have put a barn door over the opening, but then it may have looked a bit strange next to the closet door. So then we thought we could reno the closet door so it was also a barn door so we would have the two barn doors floating on the one track, but there just wasn't room for that. So in the end, we decided that even if we installed a barn door over the ensuite opening, it would likely be open 95% of the time anyways, so we just decided to skip that plan for a more simple look.

Besides, there are lots of master retreat plans where the ensuite is open to the bedroom is it's not unusual. Also, we wanted a tall mirror in the room and the most suitable place was on the limited wall space between the bathroom opening and the closet opening. So in case you are wondering why there isn't a bathroom door - now you have the answer.

That brings me to the mirror! I had a bit of a hard time finding the perfect mirror for the wall space between the ensuite opening and the closet door because it needed to be tall, but narrow ... but not boring ... and not expensive. Haha. I know - that's a pretty long check list for a mirror. The mirror I ended up finding is from Home Sense and it measures 30" x 63"... and can you believe that it only cost $60?! I love this mirror! As soon as I saw it, I knew it would compliment the wood whitewash carving that we hung on the wall beside the bed, as they both are a natural wood colour with a small amount of white distressing.

I was happy with the farmhouse bedroom feel that the bed has! I picked up a fresh new duvet cover from Home Sense. The two large throw pillows have a beautiful, feminine pattern on them and are the perfect greige colour. And the white throw pillow has romantic looking ruffles and the fabric is similar looking to linen - simply love it! Did I mention both of these throw pillows are uber affordable!?

The two-toned nightstands are beautiful with dark wood tops that match perfectly with the distressing on the white bottoms. The dark wood in the nightstands ties perfectly into the dark wood frame of the bed. The lamps have an elegant feel with the ruched lamp covers, curvy lamp bodies, and gold bases. I found these lights at Target when they were still in Canada - seriously so sad that I can't do Saturday trips to Target anymore to drink chai tea lattes and obsess over their decor.

We topped the nightstands with vases that have a lovely lace looking top to them. We added a faux eucalyptus plant into one of the vases because this way, you get the natural beauty flowers without the hassle of maintaining them.

I am in love with this bedroom! I am so happy with how well the bedroom, ensuite, and walk-in closet flow together to create a cohesive space. The modern rustic mix shines through in this room with a undertone of farmhouse elegance. When we spend time in this little oasis, we feel like we are on a little hotel getaway! We feel like we got everything we dreamed about when we set out to reno our master bedroom, ensuite, and walk-in closet - so many little luxuries!

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