In case you missed it, we revealed our our newly built ensuite bathroom last week and now we're back with all of the product and reno details! We love how the simple elegance that this bathroom has and we're just so grateful to have our very own ensuite!

Here's the story:

When we purchased the house, there was a 15' L x 7' W main floor bathroom that had a lot of wasted space and a sunken tub that was hard to use and incredibly dated, so we set out to split it into two bathrooms: an ensuite and a main floor bathroom. I should tell you that we've never had an ensuite before so this is pretty exciting stuff!

We removed the huge sunken, soaker tub that took up over a third of the original bathroom and that essentially became our ensuite. We understand that neither of these new bathrooms are going to be spacious by any means, but surprisingly, they certainly aren't tiny, and we're just so happy to have two bathrooms on the main floor!

Here's the before floor plan:

Here's the floor plan after the renovation:

We added a non-load bearing wall in the middle of the original bathroom to separate the two spaces. We started work in the ensuite first because we still had the old shower, sink, and toilet in the main bath that was continuing to function for us. We had the plumbing and electrical completed and then added drywall, and completed mudding. We primed the walls and added the first coat of paint. Next, we started to waterproof the shower using the Schluter waterproofing system. This was our first time using this system so for that reason, we found it a bit time consuming. Overall, it was straightforward to use and seems to provide solid waterproofing.

Next, we installed the subway wall tiles in the shower (Sistem C - 4" x 12" - Blanco Matte). We built a shower niche on the back wall to break up the space a bit, add interest, and to create a storage spot for all of a couple's shower essentials. We installed moroccan tiles (Moroccan tile - glossy white - Saltillo Tile) in the shower niche and then we grouted the shower walls with a non-sanded grout. We used PolyBlend #381 Bright White

We chose a shower floor tile that was 2" x 2", but came in 12" x 12" sections. We are really happy with this shower floor tile because it has a gritty texture that provides a non-slip grip. The colour of this tile was also very close to the cement floor tile that we chose, so it helped the greige floor colour to transition into the shower.

Since this ensuite is so tiny, we got away with installing a 2' x 5' section of in-floor heating. We used the True Comfort kit that is sold at Home Depot . We spent an evening installing the cables by hot gluing installation gauges to the floor that would hold the heating cable in place and then we set the cables in place, where we thought they would be most needed, which was essentially the strip of space from the entry to the bathroom, to the front of the toilet, to the front of the vanity, and in front of the shower. Next, we had to cover the floor in mortar in an effort to level out the floor for the floor tile installation. The mortar was quite thick and needed to dry for 48 hours.

Next came the cement tiles, which I am so in love with! The cement tile install took a bit more time than typical floor tile because we wet each tile before install to help with adhesion and then we would lay the tile down and we would have to immediately wipe off any mortar from the tile to prevent staining. The cement tile looked best when we used an 1/8" spacer to keep the lines small. Once the mortar was dry, we applied two coats of tile sealer. We finished the floor tile with a non-sanded grout in a dark greige colour that can be pulled from the tile colour. We also used this dark greige grout on the shower floor tiles. We the grout colour we used was: PolyBlend #185 New Taupe.

We also installed the subway tiles from the shower onto the wall behind the vanity. The tiles spanned across about six feet and went up from the floor to the ceiling. I love the statement that the floor-ceiling tile makes behind the vanity and in the shower.

We finished the wall paint and I love this colour!! We used it in the main bathroom as well. This paint colour takes on a creamy light grey-white look. It's bright and airy and blends incredibly well with the cream trim and vanity, as well as the darker greys and greiges that were used in both bathrooms. A lot of greys take on undertones, but this one doesn't and I would definitely recommend it! The colour is: SICO - Croquis Inkling (6206-11) and the trim paint is: Sherwin Williams - Westhighland (SW 7566).

Next, we installed the floating IKEA vanity that we picked out, which is made up of upper kitchen cabinets with Grimslov fronts. The upper kitchen cabinets work well as a vanity because they are 15" deep, which is quite shallow and helps us to maximize this small space. We used the same quartz from our kitchen (Vicostone BQ900 Crystal Salt). And next, we added the same oil-rubbed bronze pulls from our kitchen because I love the simplicity of them and how they tie together all of the pops of oil-rubbed bronze in the bathroom.

We installed the top-mount sink with a sloped shape.

We chose a oil-rubbed bronze wall faucet for the ensuite and it's incredibly functional since there is very little splash back, making it easy to clean. We chose a matching shower faucet as well. Both of these faucets are from 'Belle Foret', which is actually a bit hard to find in Canada, however, it is much easier to find in the US, as the Home Depot carries it so that might be a good place to start for our American friends. How beautiful and elegant is the shape of this faucet? It's the perfect farmhouse-styled faucet:

I chose two two-tone gold and oil-rubbed bronze pendant lights to hang down on each side of the gold moroccan motif-shaped mirror. We found our mirror at Lowes, however, I am not sure they still sell it so here's another link.

My husband made two floating wooden shelves for above the toilet, which creates the perfect nook to feature accessories and also add a bit of storage space. We stained these shelves with Varathane wood stain in Dark Walnut. We will create another blog post to show you how to build your own floating wooden shelves.

There's always a lot of bits and pieces required to finish off a project like this, but they all help to add character and cohesion to the space. The shower curtain that we picked out ties in with the bathroom perfectly as it's linen-looking fabric has a bit of a rustic look, as well as beautiful greige and cream colours. We grabbed an oil rubbed bronze shower curtain rod with double hooks. We hung oil-rubbed bronze hooks for the Turkish towels. The toilet paper holder has a lot of lines and detail that look great in this space. I also added some accessories to the wooden shelves including a wooden toilet paper basket (from Home Sense) and a feminine picture frame to help us personalize the space.

Here's a few action shots:

And that's a wrap! We love how the ensuite bathroom turned out - it really is stunning! It is exactly what we envisioned - a beautifully crafted blend between modern and rustic, with a simple and classic elegance. We've been able to carry a similar look and feel into our Master Bedroom and Walk-in Closet. Can't wait to show you the rest of the Master Bedroom retreat - we've created an oasis of calm within a busy and hectic household.

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