It's ensuite reveal day!!! This is our first ensuite and therefore, our first 'ensuite reveal day!' It's a pretty big deal around here. And we couldn't be more over the to happy to show you how this project turned out ... and to be done renovating bathrooms for a bit! Haha. In case you haven't heard yet, we just finished renovating not one, but two bathrooms on our main floor!

Here's the story:

When we purchased the house, there was a single bathroom on the main floor that measured 15' L x 7' W. This bathroom was oh-so dated! The sunken took up over a third of the original bathroom and since it's hard to bath kids in a sunken tub, we set out to make a little better use of the space so we set out to split it into two bathrooms: an ensuite and a main floor bathroom. We understand that neither of these new bathrooms are going to be super spacious by any means, but we're just so happy to have two bathrooms on the main floor!

Here's the before floor plan:

Here's the floor plan after the renovation:

We've already revealed the main floor bath on our blog and it's beautiful and serene and nailed the modern-rustic feel! Take a look! We also put together a blog post with all of the details on the reno and the products we used.

Here's a peek at the original bathroom so you have an idea of what we were working with. WARNING: You may feel like you have fallen into a time machine and you were taken directly to the 1980's when you see these photos. However, try not to worry, as we promise that there's a happy ending for everyone:

When I first started to visualize and plan the design for this ensuite, I was in love with the idea of having cement tile on the floor. Since cement tiles often have a bold pattern and look to them, I started the design process by picking out the cement tiles first so they could be the anchor for this project and other design decisions would be made from there.

It can be a tough decision to pick out cement tiles for people like us, who are generally a bit more conservative in our design choices. We wanted to ensure we picked out a cement tile pattern that didn't have too many colours or wasn't too overwhelming. We also wanted to make sure that the pattern and colour we picked is complimentary to the style of our home. In the end, we're in love with the greige and cream tile that we ended up finding that features a moroccan motif that is perfect for us, as this is a pattern that we've used on our decor throughout our house and we love the simply elegant, yet classic look that it has.

The gold mirror that we chose for the space is a moroccan motif as well. And we also chose a white moroccan tile for the shower niche in the ensuite as another way to carry this pattern into the space.

The next item that we picked out was the vanity since it was a large item that was required for the space, but we wanted it to match the cabinetry in our kitchen. So we headed to IKEA and we ended up buying upper kitchen cabinets because they aren't as deep as the lower cabinets and space-saving was an important factor to consider in this small bathroom. We hung the cabinets on the wall so that we would have a floating vanity, which I absolutely love because you can see the statement-cement tile all the way under the vanity, which makes the space seem larger. We also love floating vanities because they can work with any design style.

I used a lot of creams, whites, and greiges in this bathroom, with touches of oil rubbed bronze and walnut wood to catch the eye and provide a little contrast and warmth. I also used a couple hints of gold to warm up the space and to provide consistency with the hints of gold that I used in the Master Bedroom.

We love how the ensuite turned out - it really is stunning! And we've been able to provide some flow from the ensuite to the master bedroom and walk-in closet. Can't wait to show you the rest of the master bedroom - we've created an oasis of calm within a busy and hectic household. But first, we will be rolling out another blog post that will provide an overview of the reno details and highlight all of the products that we used in the ensuite. There are just so many details to consider when taking on a reno this massive. The tile per square foot ratio for these small bathrooms is mind-blowing. So needless to say, there's a lot of tile to pick out when renovating a bathroom. But there's also a vanity, vanity hardware, lighting, faucets, sinks, mirrors, toilets, decor, etc. The options and decision making are endless. And of course there's a lot of steps required to complete the project. So hopefully our reno recap will be helpful if you are considering a bathroom renovation of your own!

One last before and after look!

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