In case you missed it, we revealed our beauty of a main floor bath to you last week and now we're back with all of the product and reno details! We love how the bathroom turned out and would certainly do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Here's the story:

When we purchased the house, there was a 15' L x 7' W main floor bathroom that had a lot of wasted space and a sunken tub that was hard to use and incredibly dated, so we set out to split it into two bathrooms: an ensuite and a main floor bathroom. I should tell you that we've never had an ensuite before so this is pretty exciting stuff!

Here's the before floor plan:

Here's the floor plan after the renovation:

We removed the huge sunken, soaker tub that took up over a third of the original bathroom and that essentially became our ensuite. We understand that neither of these new bathrooms are going to be spacious by any means, but surprisingly, they certainly aren't tiny, and we're just so happy to have two bathrooms on the main floor!

Let's get this party started! We added a non-load bearing wall in the middle of the original bathroom to separate the two spaces. We started work in the ensuite first because we still had the old shower, sink, and toilet in the main bath that was continuing to function for us. And then by the time the ensuite was finished, we realized, "Oh hey, Chantel is about to have a baby any day now, we should probably install a bath tub in the main bath so we have a bath for the pregnant lady and the two small kids!". I will tell you now that things got real ugly before they got better! haha.

When we started work in the main bath, we started by demoing the space and then framing in the tub area. We drywalled, mudded and sanded the space. Next, we put the tub into place and then had some of the plumbing rerouted. Once the water lines were ready to go, we started tiling the shower with white subway tiles (Sistem C - 4" x 12" - Blanco Matte) and grouted it with a non-sanded grout. We used PolyBlend #381 Bright White. We installed the tub tap and the showerhead and voila - there was a tub for the pregnant lady! Thank goodness!

Previously, there was a laundry chute inside of a monstrous medicine cabinet. We actually find the laundry chute quite handy and wanted to keep it, but we wanted to resize the medicine cabinet, however, I wanted it to match the IKEA cabinets that we were planning to use for the vanity so we resized an IKEA cabinet to fit into the wall as a medicine cabinet and custom fit it around the laundry chute. Is my husband handy or what?!

The electrician came by and wired in two pot lights and two pendant lights for the space.

Next, we installed the floor tile in a herringbone pattern and you know what ... it turned out so lovely and I think it could be my favourite part of this space. The floor tile is the same tile we picked out for our entryway and I loved it so much, we used it again in this main bathroom. It's a 6" wide x 36" long tile called White Pine Sloophout and looks quite rustic with a blend of white, grey, and greiges. It's really a beautiful tile! We finished the floor tile with a non-sanded grout in a dark greige colour that can be pulled from the colours in the tile. We used PolyBlend #185 New Taupe. This flooring is really easy to keep clean and is incredibly durable - we love it!

We painted the room in a very light, creamy-grey colour and I couldn't love it more. I honestly love it so much that I just continued to use it on a bunch of projects after we were completed this bathroom and I will continue to use it on more spaces! The colour is airy and compliments greys, creams, whites, browns, and wood-tones. The colour is 'Croquis Inkling' (6206-11) from SICO.

We used the upper kitchen cabinets with Grimslov fronts from IKEA as a floating vanity because they are quite shallow at 15" deep and we needed all the space we could get in this on-the-small-side bathroom. We sourced a quartz countertop from a local company. And next, we added the same oil-rubbed bronze pulls from our kitchen because I love the simplicity of them.

We wanted to define the vanity space by installing the same white subway tile from the tub behind the vanity and we ran it from the ceiling to the floor. This look obviously called for more tiles than the typical few lines of tiles that are often installed above vanities, but we love the huge impact that we were able to make with the floor-to-ceiling tiles. We grouted the subway tile with the same white non-sanded grout that we used in the tub area.

Next, we installed a pretty white ceramic, rectangular sink. Above that, we installed a wall-mounted tap in oil-rubbed bronze and it looks gorgeous. This is a Belle Foret Artistry faucet, which unfortunately, was a bit hard to find in Canada. I bought this tap from ebay.ca but I think there are two-handle versions of it sold at Home Depot in the US. We hung the rectangular mirror (from Home Outfitters) above the wall tap. We wanted a big 'ol mirror to add a punch of wood in this vanity area (but also so that both kids could look in the mirror as they are brushing their teeth ... once they get a little older!). And on both ends of the mirror, we installed the simple, but elegant glass pendants. The vanity space really did turn out beautiful and makes a big statement in our bathroom.

The toilet was installed. And above the toilet, we added floating wood shelves that were stained grey to match the mirror (Varathane - Weathered Grey). The shelves make the space look customized and add additional space for hand-towels and toilet paper and of course... accessories!

The same trim that we used throughout the house was installed and painted with SICO - Westhighland White (SW 7566).

Some hardware and bath stores lack options in oil-rubbed bronze, but I hit up Bed Bath and Beyond and had really good luck. We enjoy the additional space that we get in the shower when using a curved shower curtain rod. I picked up double shower curtain hooks in the same colour as the curtain rod. I also picked up the toilet paper holder and was happy that it had flat spots on it that complimented the flat fronts on the wall tap and the tub faucet. The shower curtain that we picked out ties in with the bathroom perfectly as it's linen-looking fabric has a bit of a rustic look, as well as beautiful greige and cream colours.

I finished off the bathroom with white towels and a greige, oval-shaped rug from Home Outfitters. We hung the oil-rubbed bronze hooks for the towels. I also added some accessories to the wooden shelves. We made the sweet 'Splish Splash' wooden sign. And lastly, I hung the beautiful galvanized metal medallion artwork that tied the whole space together.

And there you have it - we have a serene and beautifully modern-rustic bathroom! There were only about a thousand steps to get it all done, but it looks stunning and functions wonderfully for our family.

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