Things have been busy over here with a big bathroom reno for not only one bathroom, but two bathrooms!! And you guys ... we are over the moon in love with these bathrooms and can't wait to show you what we've been up to!

When we purchased the house, there was a 15' L x 7' W main floor bathroom that had a lot of wasted space and a sunken tub that was hard to use and incredibly dated, so we set out to split it into two bathrooms: an ensuite and a main floor bathroom. I should tell you that we've never had an ensuite before so this is pretty exciting stuff!

Here's the before floor plan:

Here's the floor plan after the reno:

We removed the huge sunken, soaker tub that took up over a third of the original bathroom and that essentially became our ensuite. We understand that neither of these new bathrooms are going to be spacious by any means, but surprisingly, they certainly aren't tiny, and we're just so happy to have two bathrooms on the main floor! With this house having our first ensuite and double car garage, we are feeling pretty grown-up ... oh and the toddler and the baby and the dog and the mortgage payment make us feel pretty grown-up too. haha.

Before we get too far, we should stop and show you some before shots so you have an idea of what we were working with:

This bathroom turned out beautifully and has a serene feel to it. There are a lot of whites, creams, greys and greiges used in this bathroom to create a calming modern-rustic feel. There are also hints of seafoam, oil-rubbed bronze, glass, and galvanized steel to add touches of warmth and colour to the space. There are so many details to pull together in a bathroom and I am just so happy with how this reno turned out.

There are so many aspects to this bathroom that I love and continue to admire including the floating cream-coloured vanity, the touches of grey wood throughout, the white subway tile, the simple and elegant glass pendants, the floating homemade wooden shelves above the toilet, and the perfect rustic artwork.

The floor tile was laid it in a herringbone pattern and I wholeheartedly love how it looks. We used the same rustic-looking floor tile from our entryway for consistency, but I tried a new grout colour and I will tell you - we nailed it! Another feature that I love in this space is the wall tap in oil-rubbed bronze - it provides the perfect modern-rustic vibe that I was aiming for and it's stunning. There's also minimal splash-back onto the wall tap, which means that it's easy to keep clean and therefore, incredibly functional.

This main bathroom takes on a lot of roles for our family. This is the only bathroom that has a bathtub so we've all spent some time in here soaking or splashing. We also invite our guests to use this bathroom. And there is a laundry chute in the medicine cabinet in this room and that gets a lot of use too.

There are just so many details to consider when taking on a reno this massive. The tile per square foot ratio for these small bathrooms is mind-blowing. So needless to say, there's a lot of tile to pick out when renovating a bathroom. But there's also a vanity, vanity hardware, lighting, faucets, sinks, tubs, mirrors, toilets, decor. The options and decision making are endless. And of course there's a lot of steps required to complete the project. So we're going to be putting together another blog post that provides an overview of the products and reno details in case you'd like your own bathroom to look like this - do any of you have a bathroom reno in mind? Go ahead and pour a glass of wine and imagine yourself soaking in this incredibly serene bathroom.

Stay tuned for the next post that dishes out all of the details on the products that we chose for our main bath reno. Oh and there will be more photos too!

One last before and after!

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