Exciting times around here - Bennett moved down the hall to a big kid room with a big kid bed and everything! Bennett might be into this whole renovation thing that his parents have on the go because he seemed pretty darn proud of his new room! There are a lot of special touches in Bennett's new room and we can't wait to show you all.

Toddlers are on the go and seem to be in midst of a new phase constantly, but one of the favourites that has been pretty steady in our house has been airplanes! So I definitely wanted to include some airplanes in Bennett's room. We have used a lot of white and black in this room, with hints of dark wood and light wood, mixed with wire-looking metals. When it all comes together, I would say this room is a scandinavian meets industrial design. There's definitely a good blend on the decor front in Bennett's new room, but our two year old doesn't seem to mind. ;)

Cam and his Dad (Bennett's legendary PAPA!) built Bennett's big kid bed - what a lucky kiddo! The bed was built in two phases, with phase 1 being the frame of the bed. The bed frame was functional enough to hold the mattress and get this big-kid room in business. The second phase of the bed building was to get a house-looking top added to the frame of the bed. The top of the bed turns the bed into a tent of sorts and creates a real fun element for little boys. We'll create another blog post to show you how the bed was built.

We got quite a few items from IKEA including the curtains that have the kid-inspired black and white print on them (but they don't seem to sell them anymore). Also love the black and white patterned pillow from IKEA that I am seeing pop up all over on decor blogs lately!

We also loved the sweet and youthful look that this swedish alphabet picture brought into the room. And the light wood with white lettering was perfect so we snagged it. We used this side table as a nightstand. And of course, storage is key in any kid's room so we got a few plant pots to organize toys.

We bought two boxes of these white and black globe lanterns to hang from an indoor string of lights. You guys - I seriously love these lights and the playful element they bring this bed frame. Oh and did I mention that they have the same pattern as the curtains that we put in this room?! And I think Bennett loves them too - when he first saw them, his eyes lit up and he came running over to check them out. And now he asks us to turn his lights on when we're tucking him in.

And I fell in love with this vintage airplane poster for $14 - such a good price. And then we bought this 50 cm x 70 cm frame to put the poster in.

What would a kid's room be without a little space to be an artist?! This easel features a blackboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other side and Bennett has spent hours colouring on this thing already!

We ended up getting a lot of stuff from IKEA for Bennett's big kid room, but their prices are so reasonable which is essential for decor that is going in a toddler's room and may get not-so-gently used. haha. And IKEA has lots of black and white and light wood decor so there was about a thousand things that would have looked great with the design of this room so this made it pretty easy and more affordable for us to put together a special room for Bennett.

We created a grouping of airplane photo frames using these black and white picture frames and we found free airplane images on the web to place in them (thanks Rebecca!).

Above the airplane photo cloud, we wanted to hang the letters that spell Bennett's name that we originally had in his nursery. I tried hanging them from the wall with heavy-duty two-sided tape, but without any support for the letters, they kept falling down so this is basically what they looked like for a bit:

Obviously we needed to make a new plan! haha. So we ended up making a ledge for the letters to sit on and that works great! Down the road, we could also use this ledge to place other decor options such as photo frames if we wanted to switch it up a bit. We're going to create a blog post on how we made this ledge in case you'd like to try it out too!

Underneath the airplane photo cloud, you can see some more baskets that we use for book storage - we bought these sweet little metal baskets from HomeSense. And then we stained a piece of wood (to match the letter ledge and the bed), hung it to the wall, and nailed the baskets onto the board. Easy, right?!

When we first bought the house, it actually didn't have a closet in it. It seems that the last home owners used this room as an office, so we built a small closet in this room for storage of clothes and toys. We also painted the walls and window trim, added creamy-coloured baseboards, and replaced the carpet. I am still looking for a ceiling light that is kid-friendly and this room will be complete. Cam and I saw this teal paint colour on the show 'Suits' - we seem to have a tendency of being inspired by paint colours on our favourite shows. The colour is a little darker than we are used to, but it's relaxing and adds a big splash of colour against the wood, black, and white decor we've used in this room. This colour is called 'Antiqued Aqua' by Benjamin Moore (CSP-705).

Here are some before photos:

And lastly, here's our big kid - he's jazzed about the new room!

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