Are you guys looking for one last outdoor DIY project before winter?! Well we've got a pretty neat project idea for you that will add a little sparkle to your outdoor space! And guess what?! It's pretty simple!

String Lights on Deck

We found a Zilotek Commercial Light String at Costco earlier this summer for $50 and we're just getting around to hanging them so we thought we would let you know how we did it because we LOVE how they look! This string of lights is 48 ft long with 24 sockets. And the box actually came with 12 spare light bulbs as well. We're quite impressed with the quality - the light string is heavy duty and seems like it is going to be quite durable and long-lasting. We would recommend these lights. It doesn't look like Costco is carrying the exact same lights as we purchased anymore, but they have these vintage lights that come from the same company and look almost the same. These lights are only 29 ft though. I did see the exact lights that we bought on Amazon though, but for more money.

Even if you end up buying a different brand name of string lights, these tips may be helpful:

Our back deck is about 12 ft across so we were able to do 4 passes with the lights as long as we didn't wrap the lights around the beams on each side. To start, we found the middle of the string of lights and took the closest bulb to there and hung it to the middle of our beam. For any of the light bulbs that we hung, we used a link from a small chain. We used pliers to take the link from the chain and then we put the link through the hole that is provided on the string of lights to hang them. And then we used a screw with a big enough head to not go through the link and we put the screw into our wooden beam and screwed it in tightly against the beam so that the link from the chain would be held in place.

Chain used to hang lights
Open a chain link with pliers

Use chain link to connect to lights

After we hung the centre of the string of lights, we had the two halves hanging down and we found the centre bulb for each of those halves and then hung that centre bulb using a chain link, a screw, and the same procedure we described above for the centre bulb. Next, we hung the bulb at each end of the string of lights, again using the same process as the other bulbs. We found it helpful to install the bulbs onto the string of lights when the two halves were hanging from the beam and that way, we saved ourselves from moving the ladder along the entire string of lights to install the lights bulb by bulb. It's also a good idea to plug the string of lights in as you put the bulbs in because we found that you had to twist the bulb quite a bit past what felt like 'tight' in order for the light bulb to light up.

Hanging String Lights DIY

We love how these lights hang - they are really beautiful! And there is so much flexibility in how you can hang them. And obviously, if you have a larger space than what we were working with, you can always add additional strings of lights. The instructions say that you can have up to 5 strings of lights strung together. These lights make our deck feel cozy and romantic and definitely extend the time we're able to hang out on the deck after it starts to get dark out. We are so happy with how this project turned out. And the project was easy and added a whole lot of sparkle, just like we promised!!

Garden Lights hung

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