You may have seen our living room love post where we revealed the renovations that we had done in our living room since we bought our house (if not, take a look at the before and afters in the living room - (here's the link). We mentioned that we were considering putting a shiplap wall unit on the end wall in our living room and promised to keep you updated if anything happens on that front ... and now you're the first to see the plans come to life!

Here's a before from when we first moved in the house:

Here's the before right before we built the wall unit:

We love that the living room has a whole wall of windows and vaulted ceilings, which definitely create a bright and airy space that we can't get enough of. However, the end wall was a little lack lustre so we've been reviewing how we would like to use that space. We decided that we wanted the wall to be a feature wall, be consistent with the other shiplap walls that we've incorporated in our house, hold a larger tv, and create additional storage for electronics and the kids' toys (who else is experiencing what feels like a never-ending battle to find storage for the kids' toys that works seamlessly in our homes?!). Since our house has a lot of windows and is open-concept, I have been finding it hard to find room for furniture that can hold accessories and picture frames so I was hoping this wall unit could also be used to display some decor favourites.

We started dreaming up building plans for the wall unit and came up with a shiplap wall unit that packs a whole lot of beauty and function. We used 3 x 36" 'Grimslov' IKEA cabinets, which add a whole lot of storage - 9 feet of glorious tuck-away storage space to be exact. The cabinets are consistent with ones that we chose for our kitchen and bathrooms. The wall unit also features open wood shelving that can be used for additional storage or in our case, it will mainly be used for decor, photo books, photo frames, and plants. This wall unit has transformed our living room - it makes the area feel larger and cozier at the same time, adds storage, and is a much better use space. And who doesn't love the look of a custom built-in?

Once the wall unit was built, we twisted our sectional one turn so that the longer side was facing the wall unit. We didn't initially set up our living room this way because we thought it would block off the overall openness of this space and feel awkward to walk around, however, that's not the scenario at all. We're actually finding that the new sectional positioning defines the living room space, especially when we have this beautiful shiplap wall to direct the furniture towards. The other bonus of twisting the couch is that we can now enjoy the view out of the floor to ceiling windows in our living room. Feel free to use this as inspiration to try moving around your furniture next time you're feeling a little restless for a change in your house!

Ok friends, here it is!!!

This is the first of a series of posts that we have coming up! Next week, we're going to give you a break-down of exactly how we built this beauty of a wall unit. And we are also going to show you how we made the floating wood shelves, the canvas picture frames, and an update on our coffee table refresh. Lots of exciting projects on their way!

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