Did you all enjoy the post about our nursery from last week (here’s the link in case you haven’t seen it yet)?! We love the headboard that we made and installed behind the crib in the nursery and we have gotten a lot of interest in it so we’ll show you how that project went down!

We were designing the nursery and wanted to add some interest behind the crib. At first, I was thinking I might paint a chevron pattern behind the crib, but then I worried about getting bored of it fairly quickly and having to repaint it or that it might be a little busy-looking for a nursery. We also knew we would be selling the house in the next year or two, so we also began to think that the chevron pattern would look very out of place when the crib was removed when the new owners of the house moved in so I am sure they would end up painting over the pattern. So we decided to make a pallet headboard that would be hung on the wall and could be easily removed when we moved. I also loved the idea of a pallet headboard that would add a subtle rustic touch and a whole lot of character and texture to the nursery.

We collected about 3 pallets. At first I was looking for pallets that had aged and had a grey-look to them, but at the time, we were finding grey pallets hard to find so we started watching for whatever pallets we could find that were not brand new, and didn’t have any chemicals, paint, or serious damage. We hoped to find pallets that had a touch of character.

Once we had gathered our pallets, we used the reciprocating saw to cut off the boards so that the nail head would stay in the wood on the front of the board leaving the rustic touch we were hoping to achieve.

We rearranged the boards on a flat surface until we had a desirable look. Since we had fewer grey boards, we staggered them and only included them in the top half of the headboard, since that would be the section of the headboard seen most once the crib was placed in front of it. We had to cut some of the boards to make them the right length. Once we had all the boards that looked best in the headboard, we used a pencil to put a number on the back of each board to help us remember the order of the boards. And then we stood the boards up and power washed them and then let them dry out for a few days.

Cam cut OSB to the size of the headboard that we wished to have. He then covered the OSB with construction adhesive (PL 400). We put each board in place. We clamped down the boards to ensure strong adhesion to the OSB board. We left the clamps on the headboard overnight.

Next, we sanded down the headboard to get rid of any spots that were quite rough to the touch. We used an 80-grit sandpaper and then went over it again with a 120-grit sandpaper.

We vacuumed the headboard to get any of the dust off of it and we paid special attention to get the dust out of the cracks between the boards.

We used a creamy white paint colour to whitewash the headboard and mixed 1 part-paint and 1 part-water. We brushed the paint-water mix onto the board going with the grain of the wood. And then we used a cotton cloth to lightly brush some of the paint off, again going with the grain of the wood. Once the paint dried, we added a second coat of the paint-water mix using the same method of application. We let the paint dry for a day and then hung the headboard on the wall in the nursery.

The final look of the headboard works perfect with the subtly-rustic and boyish design that we were going for in the nursery. We spend quite a bit of time nursing and changing the boys and reading to them and playing in this room and we find the design to be quite calming and we certainly think the headboard adds to this overall feel. We also love that this headboard can easily move with us. And we love that we can still use this headboard with a ‘big-kid bed’ once Sullivan no longer needs the crib in his room.

Hope you all decide to make a pallet headboard for your home – it’s inexpensive and quite adaptable to look so sweet with a bunch of different styles.

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