We welcomed Sullivan Casey Heintz into this world at 7:15 am on Thursday March 30, 2017. He weighed 9 lbs and measured 21” long. We've been in love with this kiddo since the minute we found out we were having another baby so of course we were over the moon to finally meet him! The second I saw him, I first noticed that he had handsome boy features and I could definitely tell he was a boy without even being told that. And then I noticed how heavy he was when he was handed to me (c'mon 9 lbs!!?). Next, I noticed how much hair he had and how dark it was. And then I just focused on how unbelievably perfect he seemed as I held him for the first time and took in every detail.

Life with two kiddos has been incredibly busy and I can’t believe Sullivan is almost 2 months old already. We brought Sullivan home from the hospital when he was just 3 hours old, which is crazy really! We were in the midwifery program though so the midwives stopped in at our house on day 1, 3, and 5 to see how things were going. Everybody is healthy and happy though and we’re continuing to work on fitting into a routine as a family of four. Bennett has been the star of the show his whole life and was not thrilled at all about this new baby that we brought home. When Bennett first saw Cam and I with the baby at our house, Bennett brought over the carseat and it seemed as if he wanted us to pack Sullivan up and ‘return him’, but thankfully after a week or so, he got more excited about his new big brother role. Now Bennett tries to sooth Sullivan when he is crying by bringing him his blanket or toys and rubs his arm and says ‘It’s okay baby!’ or runs to us and says ‘Sull-i-ban is crying!!’ haha. Bennett also says ‘Bless you’ to Sullivan when he sneezes, which is just the sweetest thing and fills this mama’s heart with happiness.

Daddy went back to work after a week at home and Bennett continued to go to daycare for another three weeks while Mama got Sullivan settled into his new world. Sullivan slept a lot during the day for the first couple of weeks and partied all night so everyone was tired! At least mama got a lot of baby cuddles during the day. It seemed like Sullivan had an internal alarm clock though because even when he was in a good sleep, he would wake up after exactly 3 hours (if not sooner). This lasted for the first month or so and then we transitioned Sullivan into his own crib and he’s actually sleeping better in there! I started to wonder if maybe Dad’s snoring was keeping him awake. Haha. You have to be a deep sleeper to make it in this household with that snoring! Sullivan has been pretty consistently falling asleep at about 9 pm, but there were a few nights that he's still been awake when 9 pm rolled around so I still went through the bedtime routine with him and then set him in his crib, kissed him good night and he actually went to sleep on his own - I was so proud! It took some dedicated sleep training at 6 months old to get Bennett to do that - I would have to rock and feed and rock and feed and rock Bennett to sleep and ever-so-gently place him in his crib and tip-toe out and pray he wouldn't hear me close the door.

Bennett has been completely in love with soothers since the day we gave him his first one at two weeks old! We went on one of our first family outings to Sobey’s just to get out of the house and grab a few groceries. I was walking around the store and Bennett was crying, and just needed something to soothe him until I could get out to the truck to feed him. So I hand sanitized my finger and let him suck on it as we raced out of the store. So I bought a soother for these situations and never looked back. Although, the soother turned into a serious addiction for Bennett and as he got older, he got downright cranky if he didn’t have it. Back in January, we decided we needed to start breaking the soother habit because we didn’t want Bennett stealing the baby’s soother when he was born, but also, we didn’t want the soother limiting Bennett’s speech. So we decided to only give Bennett the soother when he was sleeping and we got him into a routine where he was excited to go to bed because he could have his soother and when he would wake up, he would actually set his soother in a basket on his nightstand and leave it there until night time. However, one day, Cam and I were playing with Bennett in his room and we saw him grab the soother and go into the closet, close the doors, and we could hear him sucking on the soother for a minute or so before he brought the soother back out to the basket. We laughed so hard! So life continued like this with the soother until mid-March sometime when Bennett woke up and came out of his room and said ‘Soother broke!’. Sure enough, the last soother broke in half and Cam and I swore that would be the last soother. So we told Bennett that his soother was broken and it had to be thrown in the garbage and we were able to get him to walk over to the garbage and to our surprise, he calmly threw it in there. From time to time, he asks where it is and we remind him that it broke and he threw it in the garbage and that answer seemed to satisfy him …. until Sullivan came around and now there are new soothers in the house. Now I have to watch Sullivan’s soothers because every now and then Bennett will steal it and suck it. Just today, I couldn’t find Sullivan’s soother so I asked Bennett where it was and he was saying a bunch of words that I couldn’t understand and then he ran into Sullivan’s room and got the spare soother out of the dresser. I laughed because although it didn’t seem that Bennett stole his soother this time, he certainly knew where the 'goods' were hidden. Haha.

And of course, Sullivan seems to be on the complete opposite end of the soother scale and doesn’t seem interested in the soother at all! We started giving Sullivan the soother as soon as he came home, but he would act like we were gagging him and he would spit the soother out in seconds. And even at eight weeks old, we’ve tried a few different soother styles, but Sullivan still doesn’t seem to be into them at all and continues to spit them out immediately.

Sullivan is starting to smile at us quite a bit and is still the biggest snuggle bug – both of which make my heart explode! He loves to nap on his stomach on our chests. Sullivan also catches what look like the comfiest zzz's in the baby swing or whenever we are out for a truck ride or when we're walking with him in the stroller. He seems to handle all of the chaos in our house well and completes our little family. Sullivan loves bathing – it probably feels like he is at the spa because I usually bath him in the afternoon when Bennett is napping so it’s quiet in the house and Sullivan is in a little baby bath on the island with warm water. He gets a sponge bath and then he falls asleep in the warm living room while I let him air out his rolly-polly creases.

Life is good! Our boys are happy and loved. And we are just so proud of this little family we’ve created. I am more in love with Cam than ever - watching him become the world's greatest dad has just been the neatest thing. We're so grateful for the life we’ve been able to build together.

P.S. We'll show you Sullivan's sleeping digs next week on the blog!

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