We love walking into the entryway and feeling those at-home warm fuzzies. We immediately feel happy to be home, cozy, comfortable, and proud that the house is a reflection of our family. In order to generate these positive feelings in the entryway, it has to balance good function, cleanliness, and decor. Attention to detail in the entryway is important as it serves as the first impression of the interior of your home for guests.

The very first time we entered our house when we interested in buying it, we immediately noticed how high the ceilings were in the entryway. The entryway was at ground level and open to the rest of the main floor that was up a staircase, which created the high ceilings that we first noticed. There were also three large windows in the entryway that added to the open, airy feel. The old, brown closet doors, floor tile, and trim dated the space though.

We started the reno as soon as we got possession of the house with the demolition of the tile and trim. Other than that, it was mainly just a refresh that was required in the entryway.

What would a reno be without some before photos?:

Funny enough, the previous owner of the house requested to keep this gem of a light and we begrudgingly agreed ;)

Entry way light before remodel

Old brown tile floor

open rise stairs with stucco wall behind it

open riser stairs with stucco wall

Action shots:

We ripped out the tiles while we were doing the demolition on the rest of the main floor. We painted the walls, closet, and trim and refreshed the handrail. And then we continued to live like this for about 6 weeks until we had time to put the new tiles in - in a bit of chaos:

We also sanded down the handrail on the staircase and overlooking the entryway and then stained it a dark walnut colour to better match with the new flooring on the main floor. I also spray painted the baluster a creamy white colour that would coordinate with the lighting and trim.

Believe it or not, Cam and I made this light! I was searching the internet and local lighting stores for a rustic globe light that was 36" or larger and the only ones I could find were $1500 and up - crazy, right?! So I was so grateful when Cam came up with a plan to make a globe light that would be affordable. Stay tuned - we will put together a post that shows how the light build went!

When we went to a warehouse to see the quartz slab we were buying for the kitchen, we came across a rustic tile that measures 6" x 36" and I instantly fell in love with in. The colouring of tiles would compliment a greige, grey, or beige colour scheme. We pulled a dark, greige streak from the tiles to use as the wall paint colour. We installed the floor tiles in a herringbone pattern and completed the look with a dark greige grout. The tiles are quite thick and proved a bit difficult to cut a proper angle to achieve the herringbone pattern. We hoped to install this floor tile in the main bathroom as well, so Cam purchased a larger tile saw to make that install easier. Cam is always the first to say that there's a tool for every job - I used to think he just liked buying new tools until I saw firsthand through our renovations that the proper tool does in fact make projects much simpler. Despite the challenging install, I absolutely love how the tile turned out!

You may have heard that this house was full of 'feature' stucco walls and this entryway had it's very own sharp and hideous stucco wall behind the stairway so we covered it with shiplap. You will notice that we still have a real eyesore in our entryway - the staircase! We actually haven't touched the staircase yet because we haven't been able to come up with a plan of action for it yet. We've considered options to just replace the carpet and stain the oak, but since we aren't carpet lovers, we aren't sure we want to see carpet as soon as we walk into our house. We've also been exploring wood options for the stairs, but many of those options are quite expensive or time consuming so we've put the staircase on the backburner for now. We will definitely update you on which option we choose to move forward with.

We ended up with a truly unique entryway! The paint colour is darker than anything we've tried, but we love the cozy, welcoming look that it provides and it is the perfect compliment to the rustic greige floor tile. We also love the character and texture that the shiplap wall and homemade light adds to the space. Here are some photos of the entryway as it currently looks:

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