As the 'ol saying goes, 'the kitchen is the heart of the home', and this is no exception. We took down two walls to make this kitchen open to the living room and to the dining room. We couldn't remove the wall that has the curved sections in the back of it, as it was load bearing and had the exhaust systems for the house running through it. I always dreamed of a kitchen with a second wall of storage cabinets with a bar/coffee nook, and the long, skinny layout that were able to create in this kitchen was perfect for that so I was really happy with the end result!

Before: After:

Before Photos:

We stripped the kitchen down to the studs and worked it back up with framing and drywall. We installed IKEA kitchen cabinets, which we've used in our last couple of houses as well and we're happy with the price point, quality, and ease of installation. We went with the same airy, creamy colour for the cabinets and worked the kitchen design off of that.

In the design we added a large island that tends to be the spot to mingle when we have guests over. The island also serves as the primary food prep space in our kitchen and includes the kitchen sink and dishwasher. And Bennett uses the island to get us to chase him around it, play hide and seek behind it, and as the roadway to drive his little trucks around it so the island sees plenty of action!

Progress Shots:

Next, we installed hardwood flooring, countertops, and cabinet handles. It's amazing how quickly some nice shiny flooring and countertops really makes it start to feel like a kitchen!

Even Bennett was helping to build the IKEA cabinets! What a cutie!

I am also in love with the island lights that bring a rustic touch to this kitchen with their beautiful curvy lines, clear glass, vintage bulbs, and bronze finish.

The faucet (Kohler Bellera K-560-2BZ Rubbed Oil Bronze) also has curvy lines that give it character that flow well with the island lights. The island lights paired with the farm-house white cabinets and subway tile backsplash, the dark handles and faucet, but the modern layout, white quartz and appliances achieves the strong rustic-modern mix that we were aiming for in this house.

The hardwood and seafoam paint colour were continued throughout the kitchen, dining room, and main floor, which are all open to each other.

Next we installed Sistem C - 4" x 12" (Bianco Matte) subway tiles using tile glue. We completed the look with white, sandless grout. We had less than 75 square feet of tile to install, which only took Cam and I an afternoon to do so I would say the time and cost is definitely worth it for the impact that you get with tile backsplash.

We hung screws for the hood range prior to tile installation:

Overall, the kitchen turned out to be a dream kitchen. Cam and I are in love with the final look of this kitchen that has booming character. The flow in this space is smooth and functional. We have tons of storage. It is easy to work and entertain in this kitchen. We couldn’t be happier with all how all of the small details worked out and contributed to an overall gorgeous kitchen!

Drum roll please!

From This!

To This!

Hope y'all enjoyed the kitchen reveal!!

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