I'll admit it, I am a sucker for vaulted ceilings and lots of windows and this living room has both so there's definitely some living room love going on here! The living room gets loads of natural light throughout the day, which creates some cozy sunspots. We are also grateful for the view of the park across the street all year round and the mountain view in the winter.

Before Photos:

The before photos of this living room when it is empty don't look too bad actually - the real eye sore was the 'feature' stucco wall. And the carpet didn't appear to be drastically stained until we ripped it out and saw all the stains underneath it! The living room was less attractive while the last owner still occupied the house though - she chose very random furniture placement and had a bit of an oddball tree:

We ripped the stucco off the wall, which was a big process! Thankfully Cam's Dad helped us out and it wasn't a pretty job so we really can't thank him enough! This was a dirty job and we were doing this on the August long weekend, so it was about a thousand degrees in the house. The stucco was the same stucco that was on the outside of our house and it was thick and sharp. We had to use a sledge hammer to bust the stucco off the wall and then we had to proceed to take down the rigid steel mesh that had held the stucco onto the wall. This mesh was nailed to the wall with mega-monster nails that needed to be removed into order to take the mesh down. As we would take the mesh down, we were all getting cuts on our arms and legs because it was so sharp and inflexible. Again - terrible job!

Next, we created an opening between the living room and kitchen to make the space open-concept. We are thrilled that the natural light in the living room now extends into the kitchen and the dining room, which were formerly fairly dark.

We built the living room back up with some framing and drywall. And then we proceeded to refinish the stair railing.

We chose to use a seafoam colour that we used in our past houses and now it feels like home for us. We painted the window trim a creamy white and installed hardwood floors that will run throughout the main floor. And then we proceeded with new baseboards.

Action shots:

Move-in day!

Now that we've settled into the house, we decided to paint our living room furniture with white chalk paint, which was a neat project - we will write a post on that in the next couple of weeks. We purchased a massive wall clock when I fell completely in love with the distressed look that it had. We put the clock on the shiplap wall that we created at the top of the stairs and it looks lovely there! We recently bought a new living room area rug as well. We're still looking for a couple decor pieces and have considered building a shiplap wall unit for the tv, but we'll keep you posted if anything big happens!

After Photos:

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