In the past, we have mainly eaten at the island and haven't made real good use of our dining space. However, now that we have a toddler and we're all about the routine and easy clean-up, we're using the dining room a whole bunch now so we're happy to have a space dedicated to family meals.

When we purchased the house, there was one access point to the dining room through a dark, curved hallway that had stucco on the walls. At the end of the hall, there was an awkward, curved step-up into the dining room. You would arrive in the dining room and although it has 2 windows and a patio door, it was awfully dark and sad (and it had white walls, which typically make a space so light and bright!) And even worse, it had a dirty-cream coloured carpet. There was also a 'wonderful feature' stucco wall. So with all of these factors considered, I would say this dining room was definitely not baby-friendly and needed a serious refresh.

Before layout:


Before Photos:

There wasn't anything to save in the dining room so we ripped out the carpet, baseboards, and light. We took the carpet-backed peninsula out of the kitchen so the dining room is now open concept with the kitchen. Cam and his Dad also rebuilt the step-up so that it went straight across the front of the dining room, which resulted in a much simpler look. We are now able to access the dining room from the hallway or from anywhere in the kitchen. With the kitchen being open to the dining room, the dining room looks much more inviting and extends the light throughout the space much better. We covered the stucco wall with drywall. We continued the paint colour, hardwood flooring, and baseboards from the kitchen for a cohesive design. To complete the reno, we installed a chandelier.

In-progress photos:

Love the chandelier that we found! It has the rustic bronze that we've used throughout the house, but it has touches of gold as well which creates a classy look when blended together. The gold and bronze look also matches perfectly with our artwork and wood table that we already had. We also like that we can use the vintage bulbs in this light fixture so that there is continuation with the kitchen island lights, which are in eyesight from the dining room.

Bennett refers to every meal as 'supper' so we eat a lot of 'suppers' in the dining room right now and the space really works for us! We're still looking for a small sideboard that we can refinish for this room and we would like to add a little more decor, but we're done all the major work in this dining room and we are very happy with it! It flows much better with the rest of the house now, it is easier to access ... and it has a plain ol'cozy feel to it.

Ok, I know you are all eagerly waiting to see the final look so here are the most recent photos:

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