We're excited to get the blog rolling with some interior renovation posts again to feature the massive reno that's been done in our house. To date, we've only shown y'all posts from demo weekend and posts covering all of the exterior work that was done over the summer of 2016. But there are a lot of other projects that we can't wait for you to see!

After the demo weekend was completed, we started putting our house back together by framing in walls that we had ripped apart, putting up drywall, and mudding.

We also added some shiplap here and there because ... well why wouldn't we?! It's not that easy to find traditional shiplap that has the interlocking edges in Canada, so we used 1" x 10" pine boards. We screwed them in place and added large-head nails on the ends for a design touch and then we white-washed them. We used this shiplap look as a feature in a couple spots, and also to cover some of the existing stucco walls that were in the house.

We also laid a cozy, dark brown, engineered hardwood throughout most of our main floor. We used 5" planks and the process went smoothly, but still took a long time just because of the amount of square footage that we were installing. We installed approximately 1100 square feet of it. My Dad drove out for a long weekend and helped out, which we were incredibly thankful for!

Although there clearly are baby toys laying around, fear not as we did not make this construction room a play room. Bennett just popped in every now and then to check out the progress!

We gave our stair railing an refresh by sanding down the handrail and staining it a darker brown in order to lose the oak-look. And we also painted the baluster using a cream-coloured spray paint.

Here's some before and in-progress photos:

And of course some before photos to remind you of what we were working with ... a house that was looking pretty tired:

Over the next few weeks we're going to dive in to each of these rooms in detail and see the final product. Next week we talk about the dining room construction and design. From start to finish. Stay tuned.

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