We are over the moon excited to welcome another little Heintz into our family in the very near future.

The pregnancy has been pretty smooth, except for telling Bennett he wasn't going to be the only kid on the block anymore ;)

Once he got over the initial shock, he became pretty excited to be a big brother! And we think he's going to be a rockstar big brother! When Bennett has been at indoor play gyms lately, he reaches out to help smaller kids. And he gets very happy to see babies in the grocery store - he excitedly yells out 'BABY!!'. And just yesterday, we hung a a picture of Bennett as a sleeping baby and he said 'Sssssshhhhh! Quiet! Baby is sleeping!'. He's also a task master so as long as he has a few things to help out with, I think he's going to love this new big brother gig!

And we'll let you in on one more secret!! We're going to be a family with two little boys and couldn't be happier! We envision a lot of power tools, sports, and boy stuff in our future!

We did a gender reveal smoke bomb just for fun - here's a couple photos:

Last week was really special - it was my first week of maternity leave and I was turning 30 so I had a 'treat yo self' day on Thursday by getting my makeup done and getting a few maternity photos done. And then while I was all dolled up, we hit the road to Canmore to have a quiet weekend away to celebrate mine and Cam's birthdays, which are only 10 days apart. It was also our last getaway as a family of 3! We had a lot of exciting things to celebrate - life is moving so fast!

It was really cold last week so we weren't able to do any of our maternity photos outside, so we chose to do them at our house to make them a little sweeter for us since that's our favourite indoor spot to be at. Here's a few photos from the shoot:

We'll let y'all know when this little bundle of love arrives!

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