We are completing the final details on the exterior upgrade for this year and just in time because the leaves are falling and winter is on its way.

There was a series of steps and projects that were involved to get us to the finish line. Here are the blog posts that showed the highlights of our exterior renovation:

1. A Little Elbow Grease Goes a Long Way

2. A Modern Fence for a Modern House

3. New Deck Boards

4. Using Recycled Boards for an Elevated Garden Space

5. Exterior Paint Samples

6. A Lightened Look for Exterior Lighting

7. We Got Ourselves Some Curb Appeal

8. DIY Exterior Painting

9. Stain It Up!

10. Refresh for the Front Entryway

Here are the final photos of the exterior of our house. Please excuse the plants - they're already starting to fade as the weather has gotten colder over the last few weeks.

We didn't do a blog post on this project, but we built a gate on the side of our property to match the front fence. I am still looking for the perfect handle for this gate - something that is very large an looks a little industrial. Here's the gate:

We also completed the front patio and can't wait to spend a lot of hours in the sun next summer in this exact spot!

So happy with the final look that we achieved. We were pinching pennies throughout this project, but the impact is still huge. The house looks like a whole new place.

For the next blog post, we're going to be chatting about our first experience with chalk paint! :)

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