Our entryway was looking really tired. I'm sure you would all agree! The screen door was really heavy and the pressurized mechanism didn't work properly so it would slam behind us as we would come into the house. The wooden entryway door actually had quite a bit of charm to it with a beautiful carving along the right side of it, but the screen door blocked the view of the inside door. The stucco was aged and stained looking. As you've heard me say before, the green trim was hideous! The stain on the deck was worn. And the lighting was dated and didn't work. This entryway left a lot to be desired.

We started by removing the screen door. We gave the the exterior of the house a new look with some fresh paint, which we talk about in this post. The stucco received a dark grey coat of paint and the green trim was transformed to a creamy-white. The ceiling by the front entryway was already white, but we gave it a fresh coat of the creamy-white trim paint. Next, we sanded the deck and the post on the end of the deck so we were down to the bare wood and then we stained them and we talk all things stain-related in this post. We love how the stain colour on the deck is almost the same colour as the existing wooden front door and really incorporates the door into the overall colour scheme so well. We purchased a new barn-style light that we got a real deal on at $30. We painted the light white so that it would stand out against the dark stucco and so that it would flow with the colours we have chosen for the exterior of the house. There's a blog post showing how we gave this light a paint makeover.

The cost to refresh the front entryway was really inexpensive at $105, but had a huge impact! We used the existing door, deck, ceiling, and post. We only replaced the light and purchased stain and paint.


1 Small Can of Stucco Paint @ $20

1 Small Can of Trim Paint @ $20

1 Small Can of Stain @ $20

1 Barn-Style Light @ $30

1 Can of Spray Paint for Light: $15

Total: $105

Love the refreshed look that this front entryway has! With the new colour scheme, it has a better flow with the rest of the house. It is also more welcoming, which adds to the curb appeal that we were working hard to create.


In Progress:

The refreshed final look:

Before & After:

We are getting so close to being finished all of the exterior projects we set out to complete this summer! We have one more post about exterior projects planned for next week when we show you the final photos of the exterior and then we're switching gears and going back inside to share some of the progress we've made there.

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