I am simply not going to sugar coat it - the exterior of our house had no curb appeal when we bought it. The front yard was overgrown, the stucco looked old and stained, the trim was a very dated hunter green, and the whole place was left looking like it needed a whole lot of love. Well things are certainly turning around for this house and it's feeling love in the air!

To see the finished product keep reading. To see the how-to DIY post click here

We started in the yard with a little elbow grease, as we chat about in this post. And then we built a modern fence for the front yard and we have provided a detailed tutorial in this post.

Once we got the fence up, we stained it with a transparent Behr stain called 'chocolate'. We've actually done a significant amount of staining in our front yard - we've stained the front fence, the flower beds, the steps to the front entryway, and the deck and post at the front entryway. We are thrilled with the big impact that a $50 can of stain has provided so we'll cover all the staining details in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

Here's a photo of the fence where the section on the left has 2 coats of stain and the section on the right has 1 coat of stain. You can also see how unattractive the bare dirt and weeds are - not good for curb appeal.

You can see in the photo above that the soil was about 3 inches above the sidewalk when we started, so if we were to put bark mulch right onto the soil, it would definitely fall right onto the sidewalk. So we got started by digging out about 8 wheelbarrows full of soil so that the level of dirt went down to 2 inches lower than the sidewalk. We dumped the soil into the elevated garden that we showed you in this post. We leveled the soil with rakes so that it was smooth and even along the entire garden bed.

I was browsing around a local greenhouse and found these beautiful blue wheat grass plants and fell in love with them. I bought 3 plants to go in front of the fence.

We centered one blue wheat grass in front of each fence section. Next, we evenly raked medium-sized bark mulch onto the soil around the plants. Lastly, we put the street address onto the fence. Voila! We got ourselves some curb appeal, folks!

The total cost of the project was:

3/4 cubic yard of bark mulch: $66

3 blue wheat grass plants @ $50 each = $150

Street Address Numbers: 3 @ $8 each = $24

Fence = $172

Total: $412

curb appeal exterior paint

To see the how-to DIY post of making this fence click here


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