I was recently shopping around for a line of metal baskets to hang on the wall in Bennett's play area in the living room. When Bennett wasn't using his toys in the living room, we were heaping the smaller toys into one large bin which made it tough for him to sort through them when he was ready to play with them again. I was hoping to use the metal baskets to bring some order to the toys, but still have flow with the decor on our main floor.

I looked around at quite a few stores before finding this one at Home Sense:

This piece was pretty close to what I had in mind for Bennett's toys, but it only came in silver. I am pretty sure I don't have a single piece of silver decor in our house so I wasn't real happy about the colour. I haven't written posts for these yet, but we spray painted a homemade chandelier, cold air returns, and the stair railings in our house with a creamy colour and I still had that spray paint at home. So in the spirit of DIY - I bought the silver baskets and took them home to paint them.

Here's the paint that I used:

There really wasn't any prep work for this one since the baskets were new and clean so I got to work spray painting. This paint has a real strong smell to it so I wore a respirator mask and painted the baskets in the garage with the overhead door open.

The respirator mask suits me, right?! ;)

Painting in progress:

The instructions on the paint can say that you can add a second coat within an hour or after 24 hours and since I am pretty impatient, the former option worked best. I waited about 30 minutes after the first coat was finished and then I put the second coat of paint on it. I left the baskets to dry for a full 24 hours before we hung them in Bennett's play area.

After I finished painting the baskets, I would have loved to sand the edges a bit since I am loving all things distressed these days, but I didn't want the silver showing through. I was really happy with the final result though! Shopping for decor is even more fun now that I am willing to take items home to paint them so that they work with the colour scheme we are currently using. Being willing to do a little DIY to decor items means I have more options, I can get creative, I end up with a one-of-a-kind piece, and I can take advantage of sale items that have a great price, but may not be the right colour! Also, paint is an inexpensive option to get a second life out of decor and furniture that you already have. Painting decor and furniture really doesn't cost much, but adds a whole new look so just go for it - give it a try!

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