Since the exterior of our house is currently getting an overhaul, we have been on the hunt for exterior lighting. There are 4 wall-mounted lights on the front of the house that are easily seen from the curb, therefore we wanted lights that were modern and added to the overall curb appeal of the house. We also wanted a second style of light that would be used in 3 different locations: there is a light under the roof by the front entryway and two lights by the back door.

The lights that were on the front of the house were rusty, but the design was really nice as two of them had two lights that shone up and down, highlighting the exterior of the house. After looking around for a bit, we determined that our favourite style of lighting for the front of the house was actually the style of lighting that we already had so we decided to paint our lights.

There are some lights on Home Depot's website that are almost the same as ours, except ours were square and rusty and Home Depot's were circular and white. Here are the Home Depot lights:

1. 1-Light Wall Lantern

2. 2-Light Wall Lantern

If we were to buy 2 of each of these lights for the front of our house, it would have cost $378.74 + taxes so $15 for spray paint was a sweet deal!

Here's the second style of light that we found for a smoking deal of $33 each. Simply love the style of these lights! We bought 3 of these lights to place by the front entry and then 2 at the back door.

Here's a photo of these lights up against the wall and the old light. Anything would be an improvement next to those old lights, right?!

We decided to spray paint the existing 4 lights on the house to match the galvanized steel look that the new lights had. Spray painting the lights was really simple and didn't take much time at all. We took the lights off the house, washed them down, sanded off a couple rough spots, covered the spot where the light bulb goes with painter's tape and started painting. The spray paint has a real bad smell though, so we wore a respirator mask and worked outside on the driveway. We used cardboard underneath the lights to protect the cement.

These respirator masks are flattering ;)

Here's the paint that we used that mimics a galvanized steel look - they can do some pretty neat things with paint!

Although we liked the look of the galvanized steel lights, we decided that they didn't stand out against the dark-coloured stucco as much as we were hoping for. So we decided to paint all 7 lights white. It ended up working out well that we painted the existing lights a galvanized steel colour first because we had the same starting colour on all of the lights so the final look and colour is very consistent between the different lights. Here's the white paint we ended up keeping on the lights:

We were happy with the paint, but it's a bit fussy on the timing because if you are adding a second coat of paint, it has to be within an hour or after 24 hours. A few months back, I was painting air registers and I did not read the instructions and added a second coat of paint after about 3 hours and the paint actually crackled and we could not sand it off so we ended up throwing out all of the registers and having to buy new ones! Good lesson for the books - I read the instructions on all of the various paint cans now! :)

We used the same process to paint the new lights as the existing lights:

Our grand total for our lighting was:

3 lights @ $33 each = $99

4 cans of spray paint @ $15 each = $60

Total: $159 for 7 lights

Here's the final lighter look of our lights:

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