Well folks, I hate to break it to you, but this hunter green trim is not going to be around much longer! ;)

It's in our plans to do a serious overhaul in the front yard and on the exterior of our house this summer. The hunter green that's been around for almost 30 years will be long gone and it will be transformed into a creamy white trim. My husband and I love houses that feature beautiful white trim. The pasty beige and stained stucco will soon be a dark and mysterious, modern blue-gray colour. Here are the contenders:

Top: Intellectual - Behr Paint

Middle: Poppy Seed - Behr Paint

Bottom: Steel Gray - Sherwin Williams

The sample paint jars were $4 each so we purchased a sample of each of these three paints. I would say this is $12 well spent when you are investing the time and money to paint something as large as the exterior of your house. We were glad we got samples because we found that the top two paints especially looked quite a bit different on the house than on the paint card.

We used the sample jars to paint the 3 squares on 3 different spots of the house: on the front of the house, by the entryway, and on the back of the house. Having the sample spots on different locations of the house enables you to see how the paint will look in different lights. The back of our house certainly gets much less light and is shadier than the front of our house so it's a good idea to get a feel for the colour in the light and the shade. We were also happy that we chose to paint the colour samples on the front of our house because as people came to visit us, they gave us their opinions on the colours and did a little voting, which we enjoyed.

Which colour did we pick, you ask? DRUM ROLL PLEASE .............................................. We picked the top colour: INTELLECTUAL!! The colour card for 'Intellectual' looks like a really dark brown-gray, but on the house, the colour is actually a dark gray with a hint of blue in it.

Work on the exterior of the house is in progress! We'll put together a how-to blog post and we'll post photos of the final result as well in the next few weeks. Wish us luck - this is a monster of a exterior DIY to take on!

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