We fell in love with this house! But we’re putting it up for sale. This feels a little déjà vu at this point. But we have decided to move cities so Cam has taken a job in Calgary as the first step of the moving process and now we’re listing the house. The logistics for this move are certainly a little more complicated than our past moves. Our house is up for sale and we don’t want to pack up all of our stuff right away and leave it unstaged and empty. So Cam will start work in Calgary and Bennett and I will stay in Saskatoon and show our house until it sells and start to pack what we can.

We are also on the hunt for a house in Calgary, but we have not found ‘the one’ yet so we’ll be staying with Cam’s parents for a bit until we get settled. All of our belongings that won’t be needed immediately when we get to Calgary are being packed into a storage container that will be sent to Calgary on a semi and put into a storage yard until we get a new house. We are also packing a U-Haul with all of Bennett’s things and our clothes and other items that will be needed right away and we’ll pull that trailer ourselves.

The future is a little uncertain at this point, but we’re looking forward to this new adventure!

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